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Famine's Flute

Famine's Flute was a musical instrument forged by Dragus some time after his exodus into the Unknown Regions. The flute was crafted from meltmassif found in the asteroid field near the NOE held territory of Hoth. Like an ordinary flute it was capable of playing music, though it also served to channel the Famine Lord's mind control ability, acting as a transmitter of his will. With the flute Dragus was able to exert his influence over the minds of small minded sentient species. Ordinarily it was used to control Ewoks, though if the proper note was played it could be used on a variety of other different species as well.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The flute is used in conjunction with Dragus' non-canon Ewok Seduction ability. Its use is likely only to be seen in a Closed story line.

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