The Falesia

The Falesia was Calmaen vor Lalimar's Firefly-class transport. While it was an ageing craft, it still hung together remarkably well.



The craft had been passed down the Lalimar family for several generations, each using the craft to run the family transport business. It finally passed into the hands of Calmaen, and he continued to do odd transport jobs, taking both passengers and cargo to anywhere in the galaxy.

Initial JvS ServiceEdit

Calmaen flew Falesia from his homeworld of Kalee to the desert planet Tatooine, where he stopped for refuelling, and to acquire work. This lead to a short series of jobs, leaving to a sabotage mission.


Calmaen was hired by an unknown party to perform a sabotage attack on the facilities of an enemy. He took Falesia to the planet, using it to drop of a series of sabotage devices, including drill-bombs and a jamming satellite. He escaped undetected, and vanished into obscurity.