Ezran Hett
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1.85 meters

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Ezran Hett is the son of A'Sharad Hett or Darth Krayt. He was separated from his Tusken Raider clan at a young age and discovered the force. Ezran Hett is the leader of the Guardians of the Crimson Sun, a mercenary group.


To Be Raised Through the ForceEdit

When he was born, he was brought in by his Sith father, who was also a member of the Tusken Raider Clan K'rah Rahu'shee. He grew in power of the Force, along with his father until his father, A'Sharad Hett, also known as Darth Krayt, defeated him in a lightsaber duel. After defeating him his father removed his mask. Because the portrayal of any skin was punishable with exile from the clan, Ezran was set out at a young age, no longer under the care of his former family. After he was sent out, he began to learn of the Force from as many Jedi Masters as he could, Masters such as Lord Jud'dayus, the leader of Tatooine. Lord Jud'dayus showed him many things and taught him many things of the ways of the Force, such as how to control his power, and as well how to make his lightsaber an extension of his body in combat. Ezran grew strong in the Force and the Jedi arts. He began to use both powers of the light and dark side, a mark of those known as the Gray Jedi. It would not be long before he would return to face his father.

Vengeance for One's HonorEdit

Ezran returned to his former clan, to face his old master, his father, Darth Krayt. He fought hard and with his new found power against his father, in the end besting him in battle. Using bother powers from the light and the dark side of the force, Ezran defeated Darth Krayt, though not before Krayt used the Force to place a second life form within Ezran, the soul of another person was inserted into the body of the his son. The other person was named Sker'ghant, he was a legend of the clan that Ezran had once been a part of. He continuously looks for a way to banish the other sol from his body though to no avail. Ezran currently resides on the planet of Abyssissa.