Excalibur-class Heavy Battle Cruiser

Technical SpecificationsEdit


This is a brand new design by Stark Industries. This Battle cruiser is designed to be very fast and carry a lot of firepower with average Shields for its size. This was designed to get in and destroy its target swiftly.

If this ship were divided into fourths, the rear fourth would be the cargo-hold area where extra supplies would be kept or a package if for some odd reason this ship was on a very strict delivery mission. The cargo capacity would be around 40 metric tons

The Front forth would be where all the system controls and such were located. These would be at the bridge, which would be the top four floors of this section. Shield generator would be located on the forth floor here and only authorized personnel would be able to access this level. System controls would be located just over this, on floors 1,2 and 3. Floor one would contain the Life Support Main Station and ship readout board (damage assessment center) Floor 2 would contain primarily weapons and targeting control systems. Finally Floor 3 would be the location of the main bridge where the ship is piloted and sensors stations as well as transceivers are. All these parts are restricted to Authorized personnel only.

The second forth would have, what appear to be two wings, 1 on each side. This forth contains 4 of the 6 Destroyer-1 Ion Drive Engines. This is also where the infirmary would be located.

And Finally in the third forth, the last 2 Destroyer-1 Ion Drive Engines are located. Just in front of each one of these, lays one massive hanger, the primary hanger. This hanger extends from one side of the ships to the other (like the hanger toward the rear of the Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer). This hanger is the same height as the one of the Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, but 100 meters wider.

Crew quarters are located in the mid levels of the second and third fourths. In all, this ship has a Crew of about 41, 000.

The consumables of this ship would last for an average of 6 years unless something tragic happened and Crews ate up all the food too quickly.

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