Evan Azzameen is the son of legendary Rebel pilot Ace Azzameen. He, like his father before him, grew up as one of the Azzameen family's top frieghter pilots, working for his families trading company, Twin Sun Services - stationed somewhere in the Mid Rim. When his father retired as a pilot and became head of Twin Sun, Evan inherited his father's beloved YT-2000 transport, the Otana. Joined by the trigger-happy, comical engineer droid, MK-09, Evan tours the galaxy making shipments for his father's business. He is a frequent visitor to the planet of Naboo, where he first met Zalor Anneri - and the two have become close friends since their first meeting. When Zalor became a Jedi, Evan came to the planet of Dantooine to make a shipment, knowing little that he would become caught up in the Jedi & Sith war. After having nearly been killed by a Sith assassin while trying to escape Dantooine, Zalor saved Evan's life. Now, with the Republic in disarray, and the Sith bearing down on the last pockets of the galaxy, Evan decides to look after Zalor and join him in his quest to save the galaxy.


"Ever since I've known you, Evan, you've always gone one step too far no matter what you're doing. In some cases, more than one step too far. I'm beginning to worry about you. I'd hate to see anything else happen to you." - Zalor Anneri

Evan is an arrogant yet shrewd young pilot. His skills with a blaster, as well as with the controls of a YT-2000 have saved his life many a time. He has a short temper, and will not hesitate to blast those unfortunate to threaten his life or shortchange him in a business transaction. Zalor is Evan's best friend, and Evan does what he can to take care of Zalor and protect him. Evan knows a lot about the galaxy, and his survival skills are what keep him alive and his pocket full of credits. Evan is also known to be flirtatitous around the opposite sex, regardless of whether they may be human or not.