Eryk Kavos

Eryk Kavos was born on Tatooine into poverty and abuse. Much of his life was spent learning the art of persuasion, which was essential for the life he was living. He always wished for wealth and fame, which came to him later in life when he escaped the terrible conditions on Tatooine and traveled to the planet he dreamed of residing on, Naboo.

Early LifeEdit

As a young boy, Eryk was very unhappy. He had very little items of his own and often was without food for days. His father was abusive towards him, his mother could do little to help the situation. His father forced him to trick people out of their money and food. Eryk soon learned the art of persuasion and was able to trick many people. Eryk grew to hate his father and always considered running away, but feared his father would somehow stop him and kill him. Though, the fear had not vanished, the abuse became unbearable and Eryk decided to run away. He knew little of the outside world. He had never traveled outside of Tatooine. Soon, he found a pilot who would take him to Naboo.

A New BeginningEdit

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