Eralam Praxum Edit

Background Edit

Eralam Praxum is an Iron Knight. He's also a Whill, but that's just a job.

He'll gladly help you resolve any conflicts you might have, but is nearly useless when it comes to administrative work, so don't even ask.

Following the Iron Knight tradition of sharing a name with his lightsaber crystal, he chose the name Eralam. Praxum has no real meaning, he just thought it sounded cool.

Powers Edit

Being an Iron Knight, his mind is far enough removed from the average humanoid to make Alter Mind useless against him. Likewise, he is unable to use it against anything, except for other Iron Knights.

His droid body is naturally faster and stronger than even the strongest human, and with Force Speed, Eralam can achieve truly amazing speeds, if only for a short time. "Boosting" as he calls it, can damage the body if used for extended periods of time.

Eralam is also adept at Absorb. His body's metal construction, combined with Absorb, allows him to easily counter Force Lightning. If his Absorb is overloaded, it's a simple matter to channel the energy harmlessly into the ground, or back into his opponent. This is a bit of a double edged sword, however. The skills that make him immune to Lightning make it impossible for him to use it.