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Equator City

Equator City is the capital of Rodia. It is also the home of the Grand Protector Vreegon and his wife Neela. It has the only spaceport on the planet, as well as the only hotel and only Casino. It is inhabited mostly by Rodians, though it has also become home to the Free Jedi Order.

History Edit

Equator City was the capital of Rodia before Navik the Red moved it to Iskaayuma. It was moved back shortly after. With a constant threat of invasion, Grand Protector Vreegon invited Jedi Master Brulax Ruso to defend Rodia. Brulax, along with Jedi Master Oraltor Nadon started the Free Jedi Order and based it out of Equator City in order to better defend the people of Rodia.

During the Freedom War, Jark Hothar set up his headquarters in Equator City.

Significant Locations Edit

Equator City

Equator City

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