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The research outpost

The Endor Research outpost was a Night Jedi facility built on the ruins of the Imperial Research Outpost.



The Empire built the facility to study the forest moon's suitability for constructing the Second Death Star. There was also an underground section, complete with hanger, that was completely closed off. This contained a secret droid project. After the fall of the Death Star, the facility fell into disuse and disrepair.


The Night Jedi used the grounds of the Imperial base to situate a military outpost away from the Citadel. The base was commanded by General Lars, and held around a third of the Night Jedi army.

Endor Outpost Attack[]

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The outpost was attacked by forces of Valerian Aslamir in 38ABY, although the attack was not successful, many Night Jedi forces were lost.

Cutbacks and Rebirth[]

When Oola Palantea took over overseeing the Night Jedi forces, she made several cutbacks, resulting in all forces being called back to the outpost. When Jobie Wan Kenobi returned in 58ABY, the base provided the troops to re-man the Night Jedi fleet. The forces moved to-and-fro from the outpost to the fleet several times during the rebuilding process, until a permanent solution could be found.

Underground base activation[]

Some time in late 58ABY, the secret underground section of the base was activated, releasing several prototype droids. A self destruct in the underground area, which caused minor damages to the above ground base. A scout team was sent to investigate the remains of the underground base.

Later conditions[]

The base eventually settled down under the command of General Foom, when he was no longer needed for the fleet, and it returned to its previous level of activity. During this time, the research facilities in the older Imperial part of the base worked on designing factory producible Ugly starfighters using technologies salvaged from the building, such as partial plans for the TIE, and reverse engineered components of various other vehicles. They came up with several designs, including re-inventing the Clutch and Y-TIE uglies.