Endeavour was a Night Jedi Military Lamdba-class shuttle.


Endeavour joined Night Jedi service when she was used as a transport vessel to bring troops to the Forest Moon of Endor. She was later kitted out in the military configuration and used as a heavy starfighter/support vessel by the Night Jedi Fleet. Shortly after the Iron Fists War, she was stripped out and returned to the transport configuration, as the weapons components were needed to repair the fleet's starfighters.

She was used by Isus to transfer to Reliant in preparation for their diplomatic trip to Kamino, and later used to ferry Isus and Luke Nimitz to Kamino's surface. Nimitz later escaped from the planet aboard Endeavour. However, the shuttle was fired upon, and despite excellent evasive manouvres, was hit by an ion cannon and disabled. Endeavour was then boarded, and the non-electrically powered weapons still functioning were no match for the boarding Verpine. The crew was captured, but later released on bail with the shuttle. The shuttle was then taken back by Reliant. Once she was safe, the engineers removed the ionisation and she was good to go again.

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