AC2 Metal Cestus


An Electro-Cestus was a gloved based weapon created and worn by the Famine Lord of the New Order of the Eye. During the invasion of Reecee where the Order forcibly quelled the planet's defences, Dragus was confronted by a lone resistance fighter armed with a stun gauntlet. In the ensuing battle, the Sith removed the man's arm with his lightsaber and claimed the stun gauntlet as a grizzly trophy and reminder of his superiority over the common peasant rabble of the galaxy. The device would remain in storage upon the Stor Station for the next ten years.

Upon his return to the station after a decade of absence, Dragus recovered the stun gauntlet and proceeded to modify it for his personal use. Due to the circuitry interwoven throughout the glove, electricity was transferred from the energy cells to the impact point, and caused the weapon to glow with electrical energy when activated. Over the fingers and knuckles, thin metal plating was added to harden the wearer's fist and increase the damage inflicted when the glove made contact. Ultrachrome was used for the plating because of its superconductive nature, allowing the electrical current to travel from the gloves circuitry and into the plating. The activation stud for the glove was concealed inside the band on the wrist and could be switched on and off via telekinetic command.

Dragus wore the glove on his right hand, though only during times when he was certain he would not be involved in battle. Though the plating added to the glove was thin, it added weight to his hand, slowing down his ability to strike and slightly throwing off his balance. Usually he remedied the balance issue by wearing an equally weighted Gamorrean power gauntlet on his opposite hand, though again, in doing so his unnatural quickness would be somewhat diminished. The cestus was more of a torture device used to inflict pain and suffering on others, rather than a true weapon.