Eastern Rim Alliance
Political information
Type of government


Executive branch

Heads of the ERA

Legislative branch

Representatives Council

Societal information

Yavin IV

Official language

Galactic Basic Standard


Galactic Standard Credit

State religious body
Historical information
Formed from
Date of establishment

39 ABY

Date of dissolution

43 ABY


Legacy era

The Eastern Rim Alliance was a Political organisation based in the Eastern Outer Rim, lead by the Jedi Orders of Yavin IV, Felucia, Belkadan, and Ossus. It included numerous member worlds.

The Eastern Rim Alliance saw success in mutual defence for a while, but eventually stagnated and dissolved, with many recognising it's official dissolution as occurring in 43 ABY. Many of the leading Jedi member worlds would later go on to spearhead the unification of the wider Jedi Order in 49-50 ABY.