Dymek One was a YZ-775 freighter used by Corwen Dymek of the Dymek arms company.


Pre-Universe BackstoryEdit

Dymek One was purchased by the Dymek company to use as an executive freighter and transport for the company CEO. It served in this role under Corwen Dymek for some time, before the planet Dymek was based upon was attacked by Sith, forcing Corwen Dymek to flee for his life, taking everything that was left of the company with him aboard Dymek One

Endor and the Night JediEdit

Dymek fled to what he thought was an isolated world, that of the Forest Moon of Endor. However, on arrival, Dymek One was detected by the Night Jedi 'Hub' Battlestation. As Dymek became friends with the Night Jedi, he offered them the support of Dymek One where he could. For most of the time, Dymek One was kept on the Endor Citadel's exterior landing platform.