This article describes Dymek company as it appears in the Jedi vs. Sith Universe. Please also see the canon Dymek company at Wookieepedia, here.

The Dymek company specialised in starship weapons manufacturing. Originally based on the core worlds, it was forced to move to Endor


Dymek was based on one of the Core Worlds, until Sith attacked the Dymek HQ, causing the CEO Corwen Dymek to flee aboard Dymek One, taking all the Dymek schematics with him. He ended up at Endor, where he met the Night Jedi. This would lead to Dymek setting up on Endor, on the ruins of Gresturr's droid factory. Due to the relationship with the Night Jedi, Dymek fell under Night Jedi protection, and provided them with a cut of the profits.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 As Imperial Department of Military Research product, per Natural Laws ruling. Plans given by Night Jedi from Endor Research Outpost