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Du'Varwen City
Points of interest
  • Du'Varwen City
  • Six Sisters Cantina
  • Three Tiers Arena
Immigrated species
  • Yam'rii
  • Echani

Echani Coalition

"This looks like one of their villages but larger and more modern of course. Instead of wood it is made out of metal. Impressive, most impressive."
―Master General Sidd-Hatta comparing Du'Varwen City with the ewok villages

Du'Varwen City is the only city on Abbaji, and serves as the planet's capital as well as the capital of the Echani Coalition.


"So, this is Du'Varwen City. It looks magnificent!"
"It's a dump."
―Zor Kelborn sharing his thoughts about Du'Varwen City with Lord Umbra

Du'Varwen City is the home of the Echani People and the capital city of the Echani Coalition. Its structures are high within the trees, connected by bridges and walkways. It is impossible to land a ship in the city, a person having to land in one of the forests few clearings, and trek to the city. Many aspects of the city are kept secret from outsiders.

A view of Du'Varwen City from the sky

Points of Interest[]

The Grand Assembly was a massive stone structure, towering as high as the trees. It was positioned perfectly in a diamond shaped clearing, as if the trees themselves moved to allow the collosal structure to plant its roots in their soil. A courtyard was in front of the temple, filled with fountains. A large staircase lead to the entrance of the temple and inside was where the members of the Grand Assembly, the leaders of the Echani Coalition gather. During their spare time many echani citizens and visitors alike enjoyed the galaxy-famous Serenity spice at Six Sisters Cantina. Named after the ancient echani confederation they served nobles, local merchants, pazaak players, and well-off spacers. Echani culture held the belief that combat is the only means to truly know someone, a pure form of expression where words were swept away, allowing for action to reveal the true nature of the people involved. Their duels were rituals and at the Three Tiers Arena on the western edge of the City that these rituals are practised as well as the three tiers of Echani Martial Art.


The Goldern Age[]

It was during what most scollars of echani history calls the Golden Age that the first echani arrived on Abbaji. Shortly after the arrival the echani built Du'Varwen City high in the tree tops as a base for their furthur expansion. Soon the echani forces conquered the five neighboring planets and with Du'Varwen as their capital they was established a empire known as Six Sisters. The Echani Command, the all female council governing the Six Sisters confederation, ruled with a iron fist striking down even the slightest thought of independence from the counquered planets.

The Return of the Echani[]

Many years after the Mandalorian Wars had ended the echani returned to Abbajiand Du'Varwen City. Here they started to rebuild what was once a glorious civilization, this time under the name of the Echani Coalition. Lord Umbra was elected the new High Protector as the former, Joshua trench stepped dow. With the infrastructure of the planet rebuilt, the Army of the Echani Coalition recouperated, the economy stabilized and the ecosystem workig the Echani Coalition was once more ready to take on the Galaxy.