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Production information


  • 5,000 "7 (Datastation)
  • 500 "7 (Drone)
  • 10,000 "7 (Tool set for 50 drones)
Physical and technical specifications
  • 2m (Datastation)
  • 1m (Drone)
  • 2m (Datastation)
  • 50cm (Drone)
  • 2m (Datastation)
  • 50cm (Drone)
Usage and history

General Labour


JvS Golden

Designed to replace the need for large work forces, the Drone Hive, Labour works best on large operations. The DHL is made up a a number of drone workers & one or more datastations. Each datastation is capable of remotely controlling up to fifty drone workers, & is capable of linking with other nearby datastations in order to coordinate larger groups. While the datastation does not possess a dedicated drive unit, it does have a small repulsor unit set into its base in order to allow it to be easily moved by hand. Each drone is roughly a meter long, shaped like an egg, with a single tool mount & a respulsor unit to allow it to move freely. Only two things are needed for the DHL to function properly. the first is the programming unit for the task required, which are available for a wide range of tasks (such as construction, ship repairs, farming, mining, loading/unloading, refueling, surveying, surveillance, etc). The second is the proper tool set for the task, one set of which is included with each purchase. Additional sets can be provided for a minor fee if re-purposing a used DHL. Generally speaking, a DHL with 50 drones will work with roughly the efficiency & speed of an organic work crew, with both efficiency & speed increasing with addition of more drones.

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