1Tim s Lightsaber Prototype by valaryc

Dragus' Sith Lightsaber

The use of a lightsaber was uncommon for Dragus who more often than not relied on his great affinity for the Dark Side of the Force. Unfortunately even with all the power he commanded, the use of melee combat proved unavoidable. He constructed his lightsaber using the resources that were most commonly available to his Order. The Sith Lord controlled M'haeli which was where he gathered a set of nextor and dragite crystals to use in the construction of his lightsaber. The nextor crystal generated a highly volatile, yet powerful blade. Additionally, the dragite crystal caused the blade to resonate loudly when struck, inflicting a minor amount of sonic damage. The combination created a lightsaber that struck with the impact of a sledgehammer. It was as likely to slice through and cauterize a wound as it was to rupture the flesh around the point of impact. Due to the energy blades unusual effects, the hilt had to be composed of impervium in order to protect its internal components. Its design employed a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse that allowed the blade to operate underwater, a useful attribute as Dragus often found himself in wet situations. The energy blade glowed a deep crimson colour, as was fitting with the owners Sith heritage. Dragus affectionately referred to the weapon as "Derriphan", an ancient Sith word meaning "Devourer".

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