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[[File:Darth_Maul's_Lightsaber.jpg|thumb|Double-bladed lightsaber]] Over the many years of his existence, Dragus had come to possess a wide variety of different lightsabers. The first two that he made for himself were of standard design. After completion of the second lightsaber, Dragus gave his original blade away to his Fallanassi companion, the Major. The second lightsaber lasted the Sith for several years, but eventually sustained damage during a battle at the Sith Temple on Pzob and was never properly repaired. While away on Dorin for training with the Baran Do Sages, Dragus designed his third and last lightsaber. Unlike the original two that were standard lightsabers, the new one possessed a dual-blade feature.
[[File:1Tim_s_Lightsaber_Prototype_by_valaryc.jpg|thumb|Dragus' lightsaber]]'''Dragus' lightsaber '''has seen many alterations over its illustrious career at the Famine Lord's side. Originally it consisted of a basic hilt, synthetic crystal, and was very simplistic in design. However, as the Sith Lord's territory and influence grew, so did his access to a variety of resources that would assist him in creating a very volatile weapon.
The hilt was encased in a simple shell of duranium alloy, chosen for its durability and light weight. Inside the lightsaber employed a '''bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse''' that allowed the lightsaber to operate underwater due to a combination of two crystals, rather than one. Because the lightsaber was double-bladed, essentially that meant it was two seperate lightsabers attached by a shared hilt. So in order for the ignition pulse to work, Dragus employed not two but four lightsaber crystals. Both sections of the hilt were gifted with a twin combination of lignan and stygium crystals.
Produced from each emitter was a dark crimson energy beam that appeared as contained boiling plasma. The use of stygium crystals allowed Dragus to better focus his newly developing stealth abilities, while the lignan crystals assisted him in channeling the Dark Side of the Force. While the lignan crystals were taken from the New Order of the Eye's treasury, the two stygium crystals used were taken from the cloaking unit of the Sith clone's private transport. Dragus believed that using stones of the same foundation would grant him a deeper bond to the technology. The Famine Lord affectionately referred to the lightsaber as "'''Pagoola'''", which is Ewokese for "Darkness".
Its case consists of impervium found in a deposit on Korriban by Gaiscioch Dearg. The outer shell is anything but elegant, possessing sharpened edges nearer the blade emitter and a gauging hook on the base of the hilt. Hooks and sharp protrusions were actually fairly common of Sith lightsabers in the past, used more for presentation of a sinister looking weapon than actually serving any practical use. That aside, the flat side of the sharpened edges could actually be angled in such a way as to reflect light into the eyes of Dragus' opponents. It was an old trick but one that proved surprisingly effective in this modern age. On the hilt near where Dragus would place his thumb was an activation stud and a small switch used for locking the blade in place. Ordinarily the blade would only remain active while the stud was depressed, though by activating the switch it would remain activated even when the stud was released. Due to the alloy used to construct the hilt, its case appeared silver in hue.
==Internal Components==
Inside the hilt is a dual combination of crystals that employ a bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse that allows the lightsaber to operate underwater. This was perhaps one of the more useful abilities of the weapon as Dragus often found himself in damp situations. Even during excursions into the sewers and submerged in a sea of excrement, the lighsaber blade could still be activated. The crystals used to create the pulse consisted of [[Dragus' Vanity]], a crystal he personally created, and a dragite crystal found on the Imperial world of M'haeli under the Famine Lord's domain. Beyond the effects of the pulse, the crystals contained in the hilt gave the lightsaber blade several unusual traits. Dragus' Vanity gave the blade its blood red hue and helped to maintain its coherence, while the dragite crystal caused the blade to resonate loudly when struck, inflicting minor sonic damage on anyone in range.
Though having participated in numerous lightsaber duels, Dragus could hardly be considered a master of lightsaber combat. His chosen style with a lightsaber is also the most basic, Shii-Cho: the way of the Sarlaac. Usually he will fight using a two handed grip on the hilt in order to place more force behind his blows and make use of the special attributes of the crystals contained with its impervium shell.
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