Cortosis Gauntlets

During a meteorite shower on Dorin in the Expansion Region, a large chunk of space rock was recovered from the capital city. Dor'shan had been greatly wounded, peppered with debris from space, most of which was destroyed on impact. The piece that remained had landed in the central square of the city, where many foolish Kel Dorians ventured forth to try and claim it. Time and time again the aliens attempted to touch the space rock, only finding too late that upon contact with their flesh, the meteorite was deadly. It was instant death for any who touched it with their bare skin, the reason of which was later revealed to be because the space rock was energized. At the request of the scientists present in Dor'shan, the meteorite was taken away and sent to Pzob.

Unlike the Kel Dorians and NOE scientists, Dragus knew what the meteorite actually consisted of. He had only once before come upon the substance, found in fibers laced into the cape he had worn while dueling Eradomens on Shili. Cortosis it was called, and because of its special properties he had survived that duel and brought death to his foe. That however hadn't been pure Cortosis, though the hunk of space rock appeared to be the raw ore itself. He had it brought immediately to the infernal forge machine located within his Order's headquarters. With the assistance of two of his sworn concubines, Dragus began to smelt the material and alter it into the shape he sought. Using stolen shield gauntlet technology he had taken from the Kilian Rangers, Dragus installed a miniature generator into the arm brace. Unlike the predecessor design however, instead of projecting an energy shield, the device projected a particle shield. Using his control of the Force and technical skill, he managed to fuse the combination of machine and metal together. In a final ritualistic act of sacrafice, Dragus drew the life essence of his two assistants out of their physical bodies and used it to complete the the gauntlets.

The finished product was two arm braces of pure Cortosis, with particle shield generators installed in them, capable of projecting a small concave disk over the Sith Clone's forearm and hand. It was a combination defense mechanism, designed to protect from the lightsaber blades of the Jedi, and the projectile weapons of the Mandalorians. Duel defense, if used properly. The gauntlets would not stand up to a direct blow by a solid matter weapon, though they would easily quell any energy based attacks upon contact. Similarly, the concave disk shaped particle shield that could be generated from them would stop solid objects like metal slugs and melee weapons, though could be penetrated by lightsaber and blaster.

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