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Paul Dashrider

"The Jedi are a disease, spreading weakness and compassion to every world they touch. As Sith it is our duty to be the cure to their pestilential blight."
―Dragus conferring in private with the Major

Dragus (pronounced /Dray'gus/), was an influential Sith Lord that reigned over much of the Expansion Region during the Legacy Era. Born a clone of the renowned space pirate Endor, Dragus was a man driven to leave his own mark on the galaxy. He was created in a top secret cloning laboratory located in the underbelly of the mining installation Nomad City on the planet Nkllon. A short time after that Dragus took control of the planet Ylesia by successfully posing himself as his genetic father, Endor. Dragus joined the New Order of the Eye and soon began to claim planets for the Sith organization. His most notable conflicts took place in the Expansion Region where he helped conquer three quarters of the worlds for his Order. While having no official master, Dragus was often in the company of a fascist Fallanassi known as Major who he considered a mentor and eventually a peer. After a successful campaign against the Jedi occupied worlds in the Inner Rim, Dragus traveled to Tynna where all known traces of him vanished. The self proclaimed Lord of the Expanse and High Dark Lord of the NOE was truly one of the more notable Sith from his era.



In 237 ABY, the top secret cloning laboratory on Nomad City underwent a power surge. The city was a mobile fortress of an installation, built from an old dreadnought situated on top of forty functional All Terrain Armored Transports. In the lowest portion of the city the cloning laboratory was located. Access to the laboratory was completed restricted and the laboratory itself was sealed away behind locked doors of ultrachrome. The laboratory drew its energy usage from the city's public generator. Due to a technical error with one of the lead walker supporting the city, power was diverted through the lower portion of the city which inadvertently shorted out the cloning laboratory. A cryogenic pod located inside of the lab shut down and with it the life support keeping the functional clone of Endor suspended in suspended animation. The clone awoke moments later and stepped out onto the deck of the lab, having been awoken thirteen years before he had been intended to. Upon awakening he found access to a computer terminal in the lab which he instinctively knew how to use. He found that memories had been embedded into his mind during the time spent in his cryogenic pod. Through the computer he found a series of corrupted files left behind by Endor, most importantly among them were the pirates journals. The texts contained a wealth of knowledge about the Force and a complete history of Endor's life. Using a diagram found inside the journals, Dragus constructed a lightsaber using spare parts found in the cloning lab. He then made a daring escape, killing a maintenance worker in the process, and fled Nkllon.

Early TravelsEdit

Inquisitorius and the New Order of the EyeEdit

Ylesia NEGAS


After departing Nkllon, Dragus traveled to Ylesia's Codian Moon in the Eastern Outer Rim. It was there that he found the secret facility that Endor had used as base of operations as well as a storehouse for illegal merchandise. Upon Dragus’ arrival he was greeted by two clones who mistakenly believed that he was actually Endor back from the dead. He played up the deception and eventually gained access to his genetic father’s private office. After going through Endor’s computer, Dragus uncovered the pirates banking information and a list of his former assets. He assumed possession over the assets and became aware of a resort on the tropical world of Felcuia. Enraged by the success of his creator, a man he had never truly known, Dragus swore he would seek to destroy everything the pirate had amounted in his life. It was the beginning of his journey to forge an identity of his own, as well as to diminish the mark that Endor had made. He stole a StealthX from the bases landing pad and set off for the resort, seeing a perfect opportunity to test out his abilities and begin to cripple the image of his father.

The clone arrived a day later at the Udessi Resort and set down at the landing pad. The resorts hosts attempted to greet him, believing that it was Endor who had arrived, and were soon to find out the true nature of the clone. Dragus proceeded to murder the hosts and every other living being at the resort. His reason was spawned from curiosity about his full potential. This was one of the first instances where Dragus gave into his anger and embraced the Dark Side. Not a single living soul survived the encounter, not only due to the clone’s malicious murder of its inhabitants, but also because the resort was demolished. Upon leaving the Udessi Resort, Dragus set of an explosive device that damaged most of the complex and took out the security footage of the slaughter. By the time the Jedi authorities on Felucia had arrived to witness the scene of carnage created by the clone, Dragus was already well on his way back to Ylesia.


Dragus as a Prior of the Inquisitorius

Upon his return he was contacted by the Sith Emperor of Ambria, Longinus Nessallis. The Emperor had become aware of Dragus' actions across the universe and sought to enlist his aid in a secretive intelligence branch of the Ronove Order. The clone accepted the deal and enlisted his service into the Order. What he had not specified was that his sole intention was to use the Inquisitorius to his own benefit. While he was beginning to see himself as a Sith, he had no love for others who claimed the same title. It was his belief that only he was worthy of the title and would eventually find a way to eradicate all of them save for himself. It was power that he craved and in his own understanding of it, power was something that couldn't be shared. His first course of action after joining the Order was to manipulate its members. Gaiscioch Dearg, the current King of Onderon at the time, extended an invitation to Dragus to visit him at his Shipyards over Onderon. Dragus arrived within a few days time and promptly met with the King. It was during this meeting that a pact was formed between the King and the clone, a pact that would ensure the longevity of Dragus and Gaiscioch long after the Inquisitorius was destroyed. Having made a secret alliance, Dragus returned to Ylesia in time to be greeted by the greatest threat he had encountered to date.

The clone arrived back at Ylesia to find that NOE warships had taken up a position around the planet. The hostile fleet was led by the mutated Abyssin, Lord Bacca. Unbeknown to Dragus, Endor's secret base upon the Codian moon was allowed in exchange for the New Order of the Eye's occupation of the planet. However the NOE had decided they wanted full control over the planet and sent a fleet to destroy the base and take the moon back by force. As strong and confident as he was, Dragus knew there was no possible way to defeat the fleet that had arrived. He was also aware that if he did manage to do so, it would only be a matter of time until another arrived to take its place. So instead he offered an alternative. Dragus would join the New Order of the Eye and govern the planet for them. He swore fealty to the Order, despite the fact that he had already down so with the Inquisitorius, and began following the directives of his new superiors. Unlike the Inquisitorius however, Dragus saw potential in the NOE. To him it was a group that could help him make his mark on the galaxy. He threw himself into his new duties and began laying the ground work for a take over of the entire Expansion Region.

The Cron DriftEdit

AX-235 1

The Cron Drift

After joining the NOE, Dragus stayed on Ylesia for a very short period of time. The clone remained only long enough to trade in his hijacked StealthX for a modified HWK-290 light freighter. His test of power on Felucia had left him wanting further knowledge of his abilities; something he believed could only be achieved in isolation. He took the freighter and traveled to the Cron Drift just prior to the destruction of two space stations located there. Using what resources he had available to him, Dragus reconstructed one of the space stations at the center of a hollowed out asteroid. Once completed he spent the next several months studying the Journals of Endor and learning more about the Force. His studying had a deep focus on the Dark Side of the Force and harnessing his emotions to become more powerful. After his study of the journals was complete, he spent the next several months meditating and making his own self discoveries about the Force. A year into his isolation, Dragus was visited by a series of guests. The first of the guests was a strange creature that he attempted to convert to the Dark Side. His attempt failed miserably when it became apparent that the creature was not only unwilling to join Dragus, but was incapable of harnessing the Dark Side due to an extremely passive nature. The clone exiled the creature from the asteroid base and returned to his isolation for a short period of time.

The next visitor was a woman who not only made it past the bases advanced defenses, but was capable of hiding herself from Dragus in the Force. Her presence in the Force fluctuated at random, sometimes appearing visible, and sometimes disappearing altogether. Eventually she revealed herself before the clone and introduced herself to him as Major, the last living Fallanassi in the galaxy. The two beings were enthralled with one another, driven by curiosity but bound by some deeper connection that neither truly understood. A connection to one another was immediately formed in the Force, a connection that would bind and entwine their paths for the next several years.The duo spent a fair amount of time getting acquainted with one another. Major claimed that the White Current had sent her to Dragus, though she wasn’t sure why. Dragus in turn saw the Fallanassi as a source of knowledge. Ultimately he believed he was have to dispose of her but for the time being he would learn everything he could from her about the Fallanassi and her unusual Force abilities. A short while later the pair were visited by a traveler that entered the asteroid base with what appeared to be hostile intent. Dragus confronted the traveler and attacked him, nearly felling the man in the process. The battle between the two didn’t last long and an unpleasant exchange of words was shared until the traveler opted to leave the asteroid. It was during this confrontation that Dragus realized he was still far from complete. He decided the only way to gain more knowledge and understanding of the Force was to follow in the footsteps of the one person he knew had seen a great deal of it. After conferring with the Fallanssi, Dragus and Major departed separately for Tynna in the Expansion Region.


128-2826 IMG

Outer Haven

After a short stop at Ylesia, Dragus arrived at the Tynnani system in the same StealthX he had pilfered from the base on the Codian Moon. Using the stealth functions of the starfighter he managed to sneak past the systems space defenses and venture down to the planet. He set down in the wilderness and began to make the slow journey towards the town listed in Endor's journal, a town called Outer Haven. Upon the way he arrived at a strange grave site where a monument had been raised. This triggered a memory in the clones mind, one imprinted on him during the cloning process that created him. The memory belonged to Endor and it revealed that the grave belonged to the pirates former wife, Kitana. Although Dragus hated his genetic father with a nearly uncontrollable passion, he felt no disdain for the mans wife. He left the grave site shortly after, being certain not to disturb anything lest he awaken slumbering spirits.

He arrived after at Outer Haven where he was forced to conceal the fact that he had been tainted by the Dark Side of the Force. It was during this time that he met the towns mayor, Captain, who happened to be one of Endor's closest friends and confidants. Dragus managed to convince Captain that he was in fact Endor returned from the dead, though that wouldn't be the only deception of the day. The next person to approach him would be another long time friend of the pirate, Kryptman. Fooling the Inquisitor proved a difficult task but fortunately Dragus pulled it off, at least for the time being. After rendezvousing with Major, the duo set off to confront the planets oppressive dictator, Sith'ari Grizz. The two had planned and schemed to fool the Sith'ari into believing that Dragus was actually Endor, just as they had with everyone else. The difference this time was that they intended to claim Endor's authority over the entire planet. Unfortunately such was not to be as Grizz saw through Dragus' deception and proceeded to punish him for his treachery. Ultimately the Sith'ari released Dragus, finding him interesting if not threatening. Dragus then set out into the storm that had been brewing in the town and sought out Kryptman.

When Kryptman and Dragus met, the deception was removed and the Inquisitor saw the clone for what he truly was. The two men engaged each other in a duel that was an epic turning point for Dragus. While the clone was skilled with the Force and capable with a lightsaber, he was no match for the warrior veteran and was soon bested by Kryptman. The fight nearly ended in Dragus' death, with Kryptman impaling the clone through the torso with his lightsaber. Fortunately due to the clones advanced genealogy was able to survive the wound inflicted. It was at that time that Dragus offered Kryptman entry into the New Order of the Eye. The promise of war and destruction appealed to the Inquisitor, who agreed to the terms offered. Following this the two departed with Dragus and Major once more traveling through the rain storm that afflicted the town. While Dragus was healing, the Fallanassi departed unannounced and vanished without a trace. Eventually Dragus was able to track her down to the central park of the town where he found her wounded and near death. Not wanting to lose such a valuable resource, Dragus set out for the one man he knew who could help him, Kryptman. The Inquisitor saw to the medical needs of the Major and warned the clone of an impending attack by Sith'ari Grizz. The Sith dictator of the planet had grown concerned about Dragus' actions and saw to trying to destroy the clone before he became a problem. Using the alliance he had forged with the Inquisitor, Dragus prepared himself and his new allies for war.

During the brief period of time before the arrival of the Sith'ari's forces, Dragus investigated Kryptman's armory in search of armament for the coming battle. Within the armory he found the Vibro-Ax that had once belonged to Endor. Using the weapon triggered a memory in the clones mind and revealed to him the name of the weapon, which was Bloodeater. He took the weapon with him and led the Inquisitor's troops into battle. As he left the allied compound, a Chiss bounty hunter named Brask took the opportunity to attack Dragus. Brask was working in cohesion with Eradomens, a Dark Jedi who mistakenly believed that Dragus was actually Endor. The bounty hunter attacked and Dragus fended him off long enough for his allies to return. Once Kryptman and Major returned to the base, Brask was forced to flee and never seen from again by Dragus. With the bounty hunter subdued the allies returned to the battle at hand. At this point it was too late, the fight with the Chiss had shaken the clones confidence in his ability to win. If he could not predict the unforeseen then the same thing could happen during the battle. The pair of Dragus and Major attempted to flee the scene of battle before the fighting ever broke out. They stole one of Kryptman's shuttle crafts and attempted to escape. Kryptman caught on before they managed to leave and entered the shuttle mere seconds before departure. The trio headed for orbit while Sith'ari Grizz and his armies decimated the soldiers left behind. The streets became a blood bath as all those loyal to Dragus and his companions died that day. This was the last time in seven years that Dragus would set foot back on Tynnan soil.




After fleeing from Tynna, Dragus piloted his captured shuttle towards the allied world of Kryptman. Having just betrayed the Inquisitor, he was uncertain as to what sort of reception he would receive. Kryptman however did not offer threat towards the clone, merely stating that Dragus would one day make up for the loss of life suffered in Outer Haven. The king of Onderon, Gaiscioch Dearg, arrived just prior to the shuttle emerging from hyperspace. After Dragus informed Kryptman that the king was an ally, they went ahead and set down in New Corvala for a meeting with the king. Dragus and Major greeted Gaiscioch as a friend, however it soon became apparent that the clone would turn the meeting in his favor. He offered Gaiscioch acceptance into the New Order of the Eye in exchange for a sample of his blood. Reluctantly the king agreed and allowed Major to take a sample of his DNA. During this event, Dragus' ability to see into the future granted him a vision of a coming battle. Not wanting to be there when it happened, the clone left the planet accompanied by Major. The two set out for space and docked with Dragus' flagship, the "Ravager", in orbit just outside the mine field surrounding Shili. Due to a piloting error by the officer at the helm of the warship, the Ravager entered the mine field and suffered critical damage. The ship then began a slow uncontrollable descent towards the planet. Kryptman and his forces were unable to render assistance as they had engaged the enemy fleet that Dragus had predicted.

As the Ravager was pulled into the planets atmosphere, Dragus and Major fought their way towards the hangar bay. Along the way they were forced to subdue several crewmen in order to clear a path. Upon arrival however they found that only one shuttle remained. The duo battled through a tied of Dragus' own crew just to gain access to the shuttle. Eventually they made it aboard and sealed the ship, not allowing even a single member of Dragus' crew aboard the only escape craft. The clone prepared a quick take off and was nearly free of the hangar when the magnetic doors slammed down on the shuttle from both sides. It cleared the hangar but not before suffering a disabling damage. Both Dragus and Major prepared themselves for a crash landing several miles outside of the capital city. The shuttle struck down and would have been destroyed if not for the clones expert piloting. The crash sent both occupants sprawling and was nearly fatal to Dragus who found himself impaled through the shoulder by a shard of durasteel that had once been a part of the bulkhead. He faded in and out of consciousness, entering an out of body experience where he was visited by an apparition of his creator, Endor. The apparition warned him that Eradomens was on the way and that it was Dragus' sworn duty to kill him. The clone didn't want a part of it, still feeling an intense hatred towards Endor, but the choice was no longer his. Upon waking from the out of body experience, his connection to the Force told him that the Dark Jedi had arrived.

214182-118145-darth-nihilus large

Eradomens before his duel with Dragus on Shili

Dragus, with Major at his side, confronted Eradomens outside the ruined shuttle. The Dark Jedi still believed that Dragus was actually Endor back from dead, something that infuriated the clone into attacking. For the first time in his life, Dragus finally understood the full potential of the Dark Side. He drew on it in a way he had never before, and used it to stand toe to toe with the Dark Jedi, despite the fact that Dragus was critically wounded. The battle raged back and forth, each man nearly finishing the other in a flurry of lightsaber strikes. The fight looked to be over when Dragus was impaled through his wounded shoulder by Eradomens, but in a moment of pure fury he swung his Vibro-Ax into the side of the Dark Jedi's head and cleaved it in half. Eradomens was defeated and Dragus had nearly been killed in the process. Following this he was visited by the same apparition of his creator that had spoke to him before. Endor offered Dragus congratulations, who in turn cursed him and claimed that he would use his new found strength to enslave the universe. He took Eradomens mask and lightsaber as trophies, and was about to signal Major when a black cloud descended from the sky. It seemed that as punishment for his actions in Outer Haven, Kryptman had unleashed a viral plague over the planets terrain. The plague would have peeled the flesh from the clones body if not for some quick thinking. He entered the ruined shuttle and shocked himself with a pair of power cables. The virus coating his body was destroyed, but his heart was stopped in the process. The Major shocked Dragus with the remaining electrical current in the cables, thereby restarting his heart and saving sparing him from death.

For at least a month following his duel with Eradomens, Dragus was confined to a bacta tank for the purposes of healing the wounds he suffered during the duel. The mutation that had been afflicting his DNA since awakening from the pod increased at a rapid rate during the healing process, replacing the damaged cells with mutated ones. Although his body had always been changing, it had been doing so at a less than noticeable pace. Now it seemed to be shifting and transforming his body in ways far more extreme than previous. The Major was witness to the transformation as she rarely left the medical room in which the clones tank was located. Dragus never considered himself human, but now that truth was becoming more pronounced. He traded fingernails for claws, teeth for razor sharp daggers, and skin for scales. By the time a month had passed and the healing process had completed, Dragus' body had undergone a complete metamorphosis. The new state of his body was identical to that of a Barabel, with the exception that his scales were onyx black in colour. He had even grown an extra appendage, that being a tail that had sprouted forth from his lower back. When he awoke from his hibernation and set foot outside his pod, Dragus was a changed man. Now considering himself a monster, he began to act like one. He sought out Kryptman with the intention of repaying the favor of his near death experience outside of New Corvala.

On his way to the Inquisitor, Dragus was greeted by the spirit of Lady Ashya Hanac. From what he had read in the journals of Endor, Ashya was the former love interest of Sith'ari Grizz. She had died years ago in a tragic event covered up by the Sith'ari's oppressive regime. The clone saw potential use in the spirit since she was the closest person to Grizz. If he could bring her back from the dead then he might be able to use her as leverage against the Sith'ari. The events of Tynna had left a sour taste in Dragus' mouth and he wanted his revenge. He agreed to resurrect the spirit, leaving out his true intentions when he addressed her, then went about arranging for her resurrection. His vendetta against Kryptman was forgotten about for the time being since he required the Inquisitor's help in bringing Ashya back from the dead. The Major was less than enthusiastic about assisting in the procedure, though she dared not question Dragus who at this point had taken on a leadership role in their working relationship. The three worked out a plan while the clone waited for an auxiliary vessel from his fleet to arrive and replace the destroyed Ravager. It was only a few days before the NOE907 Specter, Spirited Wind, arrived at Shili and the trio departed.



Dragus as the Famine Lord

The team of Dragus, Major, and Kryptman had departed Shili and set a course for Sump in the Outer Western Rim. During the start of the journey their ship received a transmission from NOE High Command that informed Dragus that he had been promoted to the High Council of the Eye. Kryptman received a promotion as the new Supreme Ground Commander of the Eye, though his was still an inferior position to the clones new title. Dragus was ecstatic after hearing the news, as it meant that he could move forwards with his plans to take over the entire Expansion Region one planet at a time. Both men had been ordered to head to Adarlon in the Outer Western Rim for a briefing as well as to join a meeting of the NOE elite. As Dragus was now a High Dark Lord, this was a meeting that he could not miss. The plans for resurrecting Lady Ashya Hanac were temporarily placed on hold and the ship was diverted towards its new destination. Three days later and the Spirited Wind arrived at Adarlon and the two men departed for the planets surface. Though both men had the same destination, they traveled separately due to the lack of trust they held for one another. It had not been so long since both men had played an instrumental part in an act of betrayal towards one another.

The meeting took place at the Glow Dome, one of the premier businesses owned by the New Order of the Eye. Attending were the other various Dark Lords and Ladies which included Bacca, Saurn, Mortale, Havok, Trace, and Seleevan Khar. Most of the items discussed were of relative unimportance, however during an intermission from discussion, Dragus actually consumed a waiter whole for offending him. Fortunately the meeting afforded the clone the opportunity to ask the Death Lord, Mortale, for permission in using his temple on Sump. The temple was actually a Force Nexus and by drawing on its power Dragus felt confident that he and his allies could resurrect Ashya. Lord Mortale agreed to the request without questioning why the resurrection was important, though he mentioned that he would one day ask Dragus for a favor in return. This was among the first time that Dragus had actually interacted with the other Dark Lords of his Order. Before that he had mostly operated remotely, slowly bringing down worlds one after another by influencing their governments in subtle ways. Being in the presence of so many powerful beings with the same purpose not only gave Dragus a sense of comfort, but also reassured him that he had in fact sided with the right Order. By this time and point the Inquisitorius sect of the Ronove Order had been abolished after faulty leadership brought about its downfall. It wasn't the end for the intelligence gathering agency as Dragus would restart the group years later with a brand new direction and purpose. When the meeting concluded, both Dragus and Kryptman departed the planet and continued their journey to Sump.

Sump, Pzob, and KorribanEdit


Sith Temple on Sump

Upon arriving at Sump, Dragus and his cohorts traveled down to the planets surface where the Dark Lord of Death had constructed a temple on top of a Force Nexus. The Sith had learned of the temple and its ability to grant a Dark Sider access to an incredible wealth of energy. It was Dragus' plan to use the temple as a gateway to resurrect Lady Ashya Hanac from death. Once Dragus and his allies arrived at the temple, they immediately fell under the temples spell. The Dark Side of the Force overwhelmed both Dragus and Kryptman which inadvertently caused the two to become enraged. They fought back and forth, attempting to slay each other in an illogical battle. If not for the Major's intervention the two would have likely destroyed each other. The Fallanassi cast an illusion that broke the control the temples spell had over both men and they regained control of themselves. The hate that had been unleashed sprung from the past grievances Dragus and Kryptman had with one another. Even though the spell was defeated, emotions were charged in the hostile environment. The temple actually projected an aura that awakened those emotions that led to the Dark Side. All three of them quickly went inside so as to complete their mission.

Upon arriving at the temples central chamber, Dragus sensed a disturbance in the Force. Danger was rapidly approaching and there was no time to prepare for it. Kryptman attempted to warn the Sith and Fallanassi about the danger just as the roof over their heads caved in and a massive battle droid several stories in height came crashing through the wall. The debris from the roof fell down and buried Dragus in rubble, momentarily taking him out of the battle. Pained as he was, the Sith fought through it and use the Force to hurl the debris trapping him away. What he saw when the debris was cleared was something he could hardly have expected. Kryptman was a broken rag doll of a man and the Major had disappeared completely. In her place were twelve assassin battle droids hell bent on killing the Sith. Dragus fought them with his remaining strength, luckily managing to take out all of them before succumbing to fatigue. He was at a loss however when he realized that Major had vanished without a trace. Feeling confused and without aim, Dragus took the wounded Kryptman over his shoulders and carried his ally to an emergency shuttle. The two men left the planet right after, though no clue as to what had happened to Major remained.



With his closest confidant gone and his mission on Sump a failure, Dragus made preparations to travel to Pzob. The extent of Kryptman's injuries were so severe that it would take him at least a year to recuperate fully, assuming he survived at all. Dragus sent his wounded associate to Onderon where he would be overseen by the best medical staff the Sith had available. Dragus in turn took the Sith Meditation Sphere he had recently constructed and traveled to Pzob alone. There he met with Lord Bacca, a being he had only met once before at the NOE meeting on Adarlon. The fact that both Dragus and Bacca were of the same technical rank and yet hadn't before associated on a regular basis was something Dragus saw as a weakness in the Order. He sought to make amends by traveling with the Abyssin to the Sith Temple located on Pzob and partaking in a celebration of blood. Others of his Order were present, which included Havok and Saurn. The Sith went about methodically slaying several innocent civilians and discussed the visions they had been having about the future. It was then decided that Dragus would leave and journey to Talus in the Core Worlds. There he would find Jedi and begin his mission to destroy the Jedi Order. He left without delay, though he would have one stop along the way. Gaiscioch Dearg had contacted Dragus and asked for him to travel to Korriban and meet him at the shipyards located there. Knowing now what role Gaiscioch was to play in his future, Dragus decided to meet with the king of Onderon to set the proper events in motion.


Dragus after consuming the remains of Gaiscioch Dearg on Korriban.

Dragus traveled to Korriban alone, taking with him a heavily modified Class 720 freighter, the Endowed Hawk-bat, that he had constructed personally. He had accepted Gaiscioch's invitation to the Korriban Drive Yards not because he wanted to socialize with the ruler of Onderon, but rather because the Force had shown him a vision of the future during his stay on Pzob. In his vision he saw Gaiscioch Dearg bringing about the destruction of the New Order of the Eye by placing his trust in allies outside the Order. Dragus refused to allow the vision to come to pass so he accepted the invitation to the ship yard so that he might have an opportunity to kill his future betrayer. After arriving at the orbital station, he turned on his ships secret stash of battle droids and left to go meet with Gaiscioch. The two Sith had a cordial enough meeting, discussing the relatively mundane tasks associated with their positions. It was during this that Dragus informed Gaiscioch that he wanted the king to help him celebrate his latest success. Dragus offered the kind a bottle of poisoned wine from Onderon. Inside the bottle were sealed pellets containing a sedative that would put a gundark to sleep, and possibly even kill a regular humanoid. The Sith knew that Gaiscioch was no regular man so he relied on the sedative as only a means to weaken the man he planned to kill.

Several of the pellets within the bottle of wine didn't contain the sedative, though the only way to know which ones they were would be to open them. In Dragus' case he used his cunning and performed the feat known as psychometry. He touched each pellet in the goblet of wine with his tongue, then used the Force to read the impression left on each one. Satisfied that he had avoided drinking any of the poisoned pellets, Dragus toasted the wine Gaiscioch and waited for the sedative to kick in. In was mere seconds later that the king detected that something was wrong. Seeing that the moment was now most opportune, Dragus flipped over the table and attacked Gaiscioch with his lightsaber. They both fought well, with Gaiscioch having the advantage in physical size and strength, but due to the sedative and a wound the king had recently suffered, he was unable to stand against Dragus' vicious attacks for very long. Dearg fell to the Sith's lightsaber blade and died knowing that Dragus, his most trusted ally, had betrayed him. The High Lord of the Eye then took Gaiscioch's lightsaber as a trophy, just as he had done with Eradomens, and consumed the kings body whole just as any carnivore would. The Barabel's vision would no longer come to pass and the ship yards over Korriban now belonged to him. Victorious, Dragus left Korriban and continued his journey to Talus.

Campaign Against the JediEdit

1Death Dealer by SeanE

Dragus during the battle of Talus.

When Dragus traveled to Talus he did not do so alone. Arriving with him was a small army of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and criminal fiends that had sworn their allegiance to the Sith Lord. His plan entailed spreading a shipment of spice purchased from Ylesia to the populace of the planet, thereby causing a rise in crime and creating addictions where there were none previously. During his attempt to pass customs, Dragus encountered the Major. The Sith Lord's first reaction was to attack her for her betrayal on Talus, though after a brief struggle that almost resulted in the death of both Dragus and Major, the two made peace with one another. The Major revealed that her reason for vanishing was because she had tracked down another of her supposedly extinct cult members. Relieved to simply have his loyal Fallanassi companion returned to him, the Sith forgave the girls disappearance and re-accepted her into his inner circle. For several weeks the plan proceeded as he foresaw, until the Sith found himself in a situation he hadn't counted on. A battle broke out during a bank robbery attempt and soon after the entire city of Quastar Town was at war. The Sith's allies decimated the unprepared police force and went on a violent rampage that resulted in much of the innocent civilian population being slaughtered. Half way through the battle the Sith Lord's secret apprentice revealed himself as Paul Dashrider, the genetic clone of Gaiscioch Dearg. Though there was tension between the Major and Dashrider, Dragus was pleased to see his army of darkness grow.

As the criminals took over the city, a Jedi Shadow showed up and attempted to engage the Sith. Dragus and his two companions attacked the Jedi as a team, nearly killing her in the process. Before being able to strike a killing blow, a Dark Jedi arrived and intervened on behalf of the Jedi. Even with those odds it appeared as though Dragus and his band of cohorts had the upper hand, until a powerful presence in the Force was detected by Dragus and shattered his confidence. Kryptman had arrived from Onderon, having healed completely and grown considerably in power as well. For reasons outside the Sith Lord's comprehension, the Inquisitor had it in his head that the Major had slighted him in some way. Whatever the reason, Kryptman was determined to kill the Fallanassi, and Dragus was determined to prevent him from doing so. The two men engaged each other in combat, drawing on all their resources and abilities to defeat each other. The two men clashed back and forth for some time which proved problematic for Dragus. The battle in the town and against the Jedi had drained him severely, leaving little strength left to duel with Kryptman. Seeing an opportunity to lead the Inquisitor away, Dragus descended into the sewers beneath the city streets, leading Kryptman into darkness. The battle raged for some time beneath the streets, ending just as the other Sith Lords of the NOE arrived. Kryptman struck a near fatal blow, puncturing Dragus' chest with an Impervium stake and taking the Sith out of the fight. Lord Bacca arrived just in time to witness the event, leaving Kryptman to appear as a traitor. In keeping with the customs of the NOE, Bacca allowed Kryptman to fight Major as he intended, whilst Paul Dashrider removed the wounded Dragus to the medical bay of his shuttle. He stayed only long enough to wait for Major to bring him Kryptman's corpse, which she did not long after. Following that they departed Talus and set a course for the Expansion Region.

On the way back to the Expansion Region the Sith regrouped with his fleet and set a course for Rhommamool. There he forged an alliance with the planets Sith ruler, Viox Savage. For some time had Dragus been looking at Rhommamool with interest, mainly because it lay within his territory. To solidify the new alliance forged, the two Sith Lord's along with other various lords of the NOE attacked the planet of Dorin. Home to the Baran Do Monks, the planet was ideal for Sith conquest. Several full fleets arrived in orbit around the planet and bombarded it with turbolaser fire. Dragus led a team of Stormtroopers down to the planets surface where he took over the Baran Do Temple. He spent weeks within the temple following the planets fall to his forces, learning all he could from the texts left behind by the monks. When he learned all that he could, Dragus set up a garrison base on the planet and declared Dorin a part of the NOE. The monks that hadn't been slaughtered in the battle were then taken away to be retrained as the next breed of Dark Acolyte's. The mission had been a complete success and the Sith Lord's fame continued to rise despite the tragedy at Talus. The battle didn't end there however as the Sith armada moved from one Jedi occupied planet to the next. Carratos and Reecee would both fall within the following months. Each worlds conquest was the same as the last. The Sith would arrive and destroy anything that amounted to a resistance, then rebuild the world in their image and leaving behind armed garrisons to occupy the planet and subjugate its populace. This time was among the most successful in the Sith Lord's career as a warlord. Yet something was missing that made everything fall short of being perfect. Dragus eventually understood what it was that he had been lacking, and so began a journey that would lead him back to the very same world he had been defeated on seven years prior.

Return to TynnaEdit


Dragus, reborn in human form.

Dragus returned to Tynna after his seven year absence to find that his alliance with Sith'ari Grizz had been of great benefit to him. A space station belonging to the New Order of the Eye was constructed in orbit, listed under the company Twin Suns Transport Services. The companies long family history was essential to the Sith Lord's long term goals, and more importantly, it served as the perfect cover for his reason to return to Tynna. Dragus sought to resurrect Kryptman from the dead, a very odd thing considering it was he who had ordered the Major to kill Kryptman on Talus. The reason he wanted the Inquisitor returned to a functional body rather than leave him as a wandering spirit was because despite the fact that Kryptman was a dangerous ally to keep around, he was also a powerful one. With the knowledge and power Dragus had gained in the time since Kryptman's death, he felt confident that he was capable of controlling the Inquisitor once resurrected. Prior to that happening however there needed to be a change. The Major's xenophobic views on the galaxy clashed with the fact that Dragus was a Barabel. With Kryptman returned to life that would mean that two of his strongest allies would both have an ingrained prejudice against him. That was a weakness that couldn't be tolerated in Dragus' perfectly formed triumvirate. So he set upon having a clone body grown for him and transferred his essence into it. The knowledge he had gained from the Baran Do Temple had taught him the technique of transferring his spiritual essence from one vessel to another. What happened was the Sith Lord's Barabel body dissolving while his spirit reasserted itself in the new clone body. He had finally become the ideal image that his companions sought to serve, a human being.

Following his transformation he revealed himself to the Major aboard the Twin Sun Station orbiting Tynna. Surprised as she was, the Fallanassi was overcome with a sense of awe at what Dragus had become. To say she was smitten with desire for what he now was would be an apt description. The two companions recruited one of Kryptman's loyal acolytes for assistance with the resurrection process and then set out for Outer Haven on the planets surface. When the three arrived they traveled to the Drunken Rancor tavern where they planned to layout the groundwork for their mission. It was there that they encountered a Mon Calamari Dark Jedi named Chironex. Dragus could sense that his allies were displeased that they were in the presence of an inferior alien creature, but the Sith Lord saw potential in the xeno. He fought the Dark Jedi to a draw and then offered to aid him if he assisted with Kryptman's resurrection. Chironex agreed, luckily for him as the Sith Lord's secret apprentice, Paul Dashrider, was hiding amongst the crowd of the taverns patrons. Dashrider revealed himself not longer after and the four departed the tavern. Just before leaving they encountered the towns mayor and the man that Dragus had attempted to fool seven years ago into believing that he was actually Endor. Now the truth was apparent and the two men exchanged hostile greetings, though an understanding was reached that no harm would come to Outer Haven if Dragus was allowed to pursue his mission undisturbed. As Dragus and his allies assembled to begin their efforts as resurrecting Kryptman, Dragus was contacted through the Force. This contact came in the form of a vision that seared into his mind the location of a planet deep within the Unknown Regions. The Force seemed to be telling Dragus that his destiny depended on him traveling to that world, and no time could be spared, not even to complete the resurrection of Kryptman. He departed Tynna without so much as an explanation and set out on a journey that would forever shape the course of his destiny.


After Dragus had departed from Tynna, leaving behind his allies and the mission he had set out to perform, he ventured out towards the Unknown Regions and followed the mysterious vision that had touched his mind through the Force. The vision took Dragus deep into the depths of space, far from any known Sith world, let alone any other known world for that matter. Though he had no name for the planet he was headed towards, Dragus did have an idea of what it looked like. In his visions he saw a world of green and blue, lush and full of life as though unsullied by the Dark Side of the Force. He felt certain that his powers would be limited in such a location that appeared to be rich with the Living Force. When he arrived he was not surprised to find the world he had envisioned, a world that had a deep connection to the Light Side of the Force. The freighter he took with him, known as the Traitors-Blade, was in the midst of performing a scan of the planet when several ships emerged from hyperspace. Pirates whose origins were unknown to Dragus had arrived in the system and had located his vessel. The Sith and the pirates captain exchanged words which led to the pirates opening fire on Dragus' ship. While the freighter was equipped with some of the most advanced equipment available, it was no match for the firepower pitted against it. The ship took damage and Dragus was forced to set the freighter down on the planet. Unfortunately the damage sustained in the battle had disabled the ships engines, causing it to crash land deep in the mountains. In the crash Dragus was rendered unconscious, not to awaken for several weeks later. When he did awaken he was shocked to find himself being tended to by an female Ewok. The planet he had crashed on was actually one of the first colonies of Ewoks apart from the forest moon of Endor. The Ewoks had witnessed Dragus' ship crash and pulled him wounded body from the wreckage. His body had taken a great deal of damage and the Ewoks had spent weeks attempting to heal his wounds.


The Tribe

Being to weak to even rise from the makeshift bed he had been laid upon, Dragus allowed the Ewoks to tend to his wounds and slowly began to regain his strength. By the time a month had passed he was able to stand on his own two feet, though he would nearly fall off them once he saw what remained of the Traitors-Blade. The freighter was in ruins, too far beyond damaged to be repaired. Dragus was effectively stuck on the planet with no way off and no way to contact any of his allies for assistance. He attempted to draw on the Dark Side of the Force to reach out and touch the minds of his brothers of the Eye back in known space, but the Light Side was too strong on the planet, which made his attempts impossible. In Dragus' own mind he saw it as a cruel jest made by the Force to further scorn him and cause him grief. Having little other choice so long as he was stranded, he began to make himself useful to the tribe of Ewoks that had nursed him back to health. He made friends as best he could with the tribesmen, though doing so proved difficult for Dragus since he was unused to behaving civil with beings he considered beneath him. The tribes shaman took a special interest in the Sith and appeared to see Dragus for what he was. Eventually though the darkness that had clouded Dragus' mind began to depart, along with the fiery hatred that burned so brightly in his black heart. After an entire year had past, the Sith abandoned the Dark Side altogether and took up the peaceful ways of the Ewoks. He became an honorary member of the tribe and finally came to understood the meaning of compassion and love. It was the first time in Dragus' tortured life that he had found a sense of true happiness.

One day the tribes shaman came to Dragus and offered him a chance to "truly" become a part of the tribe. Not just in mind and spirit, but in body as well. He didn't understand completely what the shaman had meant but he decided to go along with it anyways. The elderly shaman led Dragus out into the wilderness where the pair found a cave etched deep within the base of a mountain. The cave radiated with the Force in the same way the Sith temple on Sump had, only this was the opposite sensation in that it was the Light Side of the Force he sensed. Since he desperately wanted to shed his past and become a true member of the tribe, Dragus entered the cave and disappeared for several hours. What went on inside the cave was strange and could not be comprehended by Dragus' understanding of the Force. He did know however that something had changed inside of him, which was expressed in a change that happened outside as well. His human body transformed into the body of an Ewok. Dragus now understood what the shaman had meant about becoming a part of the clan in body, for now he was the same as any of the rest of the tribes members. He emerged from the cave a great deal shorter than he had before venturing in, with his body now covered in a charcoal colored fur. The Dark Side of the Force had been expunged from Dragus' body completely, though the memories of his past deeds still remained. They didn't seem to haunt him in the same way they had before. It was as though he had been forgiven by the Force and offered a second chance to make amends for the wrongs he had committed. If anything it was an opportunity for him to live without the Dark Side controlling his destiny. At least that was how it was for a short time.

Sj021 randy

Dragus, a Sith reborn.

Another month past and Dragus was now fully assimilated into the tribe. He had taken on the role of a hunter, spending much of his day searching the wilderness around the tribes village in search of wild game. One day the hunt took him far away from the village, further than he had ever traveled from it before. As he prepared to sink his spear into a wild beast, a loud roar scared off his quarry and drew his attention. Overhead a series of ships flew past, heading on a course that would take them over the village. At first Dragus was in shock, but moments later he awoke from his surprise when he noticed the same pirate markings on the ships as the ones that had shot down his own ship. Fearing the worst, Dragus headed back towards the village as fast as he could. Despite his best efforts, he arrived too late. As he reached the edge of the village he saw a trail of corpses leading towards the villages center. The pirates had killed everyone save for Dragus, who had only been spared because he was out of the village at the time of the attack. Finding his friends and loved ones violated at the hands of the pirates, Dragus felt a deep and uncontrollable hatred. The Dark Side of the Force rose in him once more and re-awoke the Sith that had remained dormant inside of him. In his rage he moved throughout the village and killed every pirate he came across. He slaughtered all of them relentlessly, killing them with his bare hands as well as with his mastery of the Dark Side of the Force. When night fell, every single pirate had been killed. Dragus was the sole survivor in a village full of the dead. Clearly his time spent on the planet had been a test, one that made it clear that Dragus would never know true happiness. His was the path of torment and agony, love would only make him weak. He took one of the pirate ships that had landed in the village and headed out into space. Once away from the planet he set a course for allied territory and made the jump to hyperspace.



From the moment he was conceived in the mind of his author, the characters physical appearance has always been fluctuating. Mainly this was done to spare the character's author from boredom as role playing involves a great deal of repetition. In past cases the author would change the characters ideologies, but since the challenge he faced this time was to create a Sith inspired character, the thoughts and beliefs of the character had to be maintained. Changing the characters appearance was essentially a compromise to avoid stagnation. Starting out from when Dragus was first introduced to the reader, he appeared as a pale skinned human with brown hair and deep blue eyes. There was nothing physically remarkable about the character since his personal goals were to remain discreet and to go unnoticed by the general public. It wasn't until he traveled to the Cron Drift that the first physical changes began to take place in the character. His pale skin began to experience strange black glossy growths that threatened to expand until they covered the whole of his body. The growths never expanded any higher on Dragus' frame than his neck, but from the neck down he no longer resembled a human. The growths were actually the black scales of a Barabel, caused by a genetic mutation unforeseen in the process that cloned Dragus from Endor. For those that are not aware, for most of the Universe 1.0 Endor was actually a Barabel. It wasn't until 1.5 that he transitioned back to human form. The main goal for Dragus, who basically represented an evil version of Endor, was to undergo the same sort of transition from human to Barabel, and eventually back to human again. For the entirety of the time spent on Tynna that was how Dragus appeared, as a human male whose body was covered in mutant black scales. After his battle with Eradomens on Shili, Dragus was placed in a bacta tank so that he could recover from his duel. It was during this time that he further underwent a physical transformation, becoming a full fledged Barabel with a body completely coated in black scales. He had an irregularly long tail that he was capable of manipulating to complete advantage, claws instead of fingernails, and a mouth full of long dagger shaped teeth. His eyes were changed from deep blue to dark crimson, which was done for two reasons. The first was that Barabel's actually have red eyes, and the second was to give the character a more fierce visage. Why he had black scales instead of red scales was because the Dark Side tainting Dragus effected the mutation his body was undergoing and effectively transformed him in much the same way as Sithspawn. Dragus maintained the Barabel appearance for most of the 1.5 universe, which spanned from his time on Shili all the way until his return to Tynna. Once back at Tynna he underwent a further change and had his essence placed in a fresh human clone body that better suited the direction he and his two cohorts, Major and Kryptman, were headed in. The new body was as pale skinned as the original, the deep blue eyes returned, but instead of brown hair he was given short blond hair.


The events that followed, which essentially were created to explain the characters absence while the author was on hiatus, caused the character to undergo further change. During the exodus that took Dragus out into the Unknown Regions, his body was transformed from that of a human to an Ewok. The absence of an exact description of how this is possible was intentionally left as such for the purposes of instilling a sense of mystique. His new Ewok body was what you'd basically expect from that species. Dragus stands at roughly a meter in height, and his body is coated in dark charcoal colored fur. Normally Ewoks appear to have an abundant amount of body fat around their midsection, which is perhaps the most notable exception for where Dragus' body does not fit the Ewok standard. Rather than body fat there is a layer of muscle that is visible in the way the fur protrudes on his body. His eyes are beady and black, though when he falls into a rage and channels the Dark Side of the Force, they occasionally appear a luminous crimson colour. His hands faced a significant change since they now only possessed two fingers and an opposable thumb. As for clothing his style had not changed significantly, he still favored black Sith robes for most occasions. Just as when he was a Barabel, Dragus kept his feet barren of any footwear so as to take advantage of his bodies natural strengths. Sometimes he wore black under-garb over his fur covered body, depending on whether or not he was performing a mission that required stealth. More often than not this was unnecessary since his fur was dark in coloration and possessed a natural night camouflage. While his physical appearance might have changed, his presence in the Force did not. Dragus still appeared as a vacuous black hole when looked at through the eyes of the Force. His presence created an aura that seemed to chill the air and devour the light around it.

Personality and TraitsEdit

From the moment of his conception Dragus has always been a very self involved character. First and foremost his concerns are placed for himself, even over that of his closest allies. This has contributed to several other positive and negative aspects of his personality. The positive gains from his self interest would be his strong willed nature and longevity. In several instances he has been described to have an indomitable will which has caused him to survive events that lesser willful beings would not have. The negative aspects drawn from his self interest are the same factors that plague many Sith, which would be his personal greed and strong lust for power. He's also appears very reckless by nature, as seen in the many times he placed himself in near fatal positions. The fact that he survived each near death instance shows that there is a cunning mind behind the apparently reckless nature, which in fact might not be as reckless as it appears. One conclusion drawn by his allies is that despite his desire for personal gain he was more often than not led by his mind and not his heart. He's compelled to serve the NOE by a deep rooted hatred for the Jedi, inspired in part by the fact that his genetic father was once a Jedi. It was that hatred that bonded the character to the New Order of the Eye rather than loyalty or a belief in the organizations religious teachings. Dragus is a cold and cruel being, sometimes described as sadistic in that he prefers to wound an opponent and draw out a battle rather than just go for the kill. He's been known to taunt and tease his adversaries, to twist their thoughts and play mind games with them in order to push them to the brink. Dragus is less inclined to give into emotional outbursts. In many ways his cold approach to the treatment of others seems almost droid like.

It is his belief that emotions are something to be controlled rather than outright embraced. A Sith must have mastery over their emotions so as to control them, and only then can they be embraced properly. His ability to alter his emotional state at will seemed almost supernatural. One moment he could be projecting a sense of dire hatred, the next his aura would be absent on the emotional spectrum. More often than not his presence inspired a sense of emptiness. That is because he himself often feels less than complete, a sense of hollowness that he could not escape. That sensation seemed to have manifest itself in the Force, giving Dragus an aura that was much akin to a black hole. Being near him put one at risk of reliving feelings of hopelessness and despair. The only positive emotion he ever displayed was joy, derived from the pleasure he received by partaking in his sadistic ways. Pain and suffering were something he embraced and drew power from. His personal emotional pain allowed him to connect to the Dark Side with ease, while physical pain strengthened his control over the Force. Through his experiences with the Major, Dragus developed his selfish nature further. To him she was a possession, one of his many personal belongings which was exemplified in how he described her as his "precious pet". At times he was at odds with the girl but it seemed as though when his own despair took hold of him, Dragus could resist it while the Major was in his presence. He created a dependency on the girl which may have been why he rarely let her leave his side. Ultimately he was a stronger being when the Major was present, almost as if he fed off her presence and leeched power from it. Despite all his greed and desires, nothing seemed to satisfy him. He was constantly driven by longing and wanting for more, which in part was why he was referred to as the Dark Lord of Famine.


1Tim s Lightsaber Prototype by valaryc

Dragus' Lightsaber

Shortly after his awakening on Nkllon, Dragus constructed his fight lightsaber using diagrams left to him in his creators journal. He built the lightsaber using the spare parts available to him at the time, creating an impressive weapon with such limited resources. Luckily a synthetic crystal had already been provided for him, though to his surprise it was a blood red gem that gave the lightsaber a crimson energy blade. This was odd as Endor had sworn away from the Dark Side and was known to carry a lightsaber with a green blade instead. Over time Dragus was forced to make improvements to the weapon, switching out the synthetic lightsaber crystal for a Dragite and Nextor crystal. The new crystals had become available to him after the New Order of the Eye conquered the planet of M'haeli. The combination of crystals gave the lightsaber a volatile blade that was more intense than was common in such a weapon. It also resounded when struck, creating sonic waves that could inflict minor damage on whatever they were directed towards. Because the lightsaber used to two crystals, its design employed a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse that allowed the blade to operate underwater. The lightsaber was used in several campaigns and was the same weapon that felled Gaiscioch Dearg in his duel with Dragus over Korriban. Though the lightsaber served him well, Dragus eventually offered it up as a gift to the Major. Partly this was due to the affection he felt for her at the time, but it was also in part to the fact that he had received a vision in the Force that instructed him to construct a stronger weapon. Handing his lightsaber over to the Fallanassi was his last known use of the weapon.

536px-Galen Marek in Star Wars- The Force Unleashed II


He had also been known to make use of the lightsabers he took from opponents killed in duels he had participated in. On Dxun during his duel against Reborna Ruin, Dragus used the lightsaber belonging to the Dark Jedi's master, Eradomens. The lightsabers design was unremarkable, but its focusing crystal radiated with the Dark Side of the Force. This might be in part to Eradomens deep connection to Dark Side, or it could be because of its previous owners physical characteristics. Regardless Dragus made use of the bloodshine lightsaber on several occasions. He also had been known to use the lightsaber that had once belonged to Gaiscioch Dearg, the former king of Onderon. After Dragus murdered the King over Korriban, he took Gaiscioch's lightsaber and used it in his campaign against the Jedi occupied worlds. Eventually he gave the lightsaber to his apprentice, Paul Dashrider, who was actually the genetic clone of the original Gaiscioch Dearg. The lightsaber was given as a gift and symbol of Dragus' faith in his young apprentice.

While participating in several lightsaber duels throughout his long reign as a Sith Lord, Dragus never took the time to master fighting with it. It was his belief that Sith had evolved past the point of relying on technology and should focus more on their training with the Force. Mastering ones emotions and learning to embrace them was far more important than learning the intricacies of a dying art. When coming to rely on the weapon however, he often made use of two styles of lightsaber combat. When using his own lightsaber in combat he often relied on form IV, known as Ataru. The more powerful style suited his less than graceful approach to combat. For Dragus it was about raw power and less about finesse. He preferred to crush an opponent through sheer brutality and strong attacks over the acrobatic feats that were commonly seen in his Jedi opponents. He had also been known to employ the Jar'Kai fighting style, making use of one of his captured lightsabers along with his own. He showed an extreme affinity for wielding two lightsabers instead of one, though he found the act distasteful. In his battle against the Fallanassi assassin Asling on M'haeli, he showed his lethality while using two lightsabers by nearly beheading the girl.

After his exodus into the Unknown Regions and the transformation of his body, Dragus constructed a new lightsaber more suited to his unique body type. He built what is known as a Shoto, which essentially is a short bladed lightsaber. Since his limbs and area of reach were now reduced considerably, he didn't want to risk having his old lightsabers extra length be used to put him off balance. The Shoto would prevent this from happening because the blade didn't extend as far away from his body. He constructed the hilt using the resources and tools found aboard the pirate ship he captured in the Unknown Regions. The captain of the pirates had left behind a store of electrum, which was the used in designing the casing. Just like his original lightsaber, Dragus designed it so that it would operate even when submerged in water. A Nextor crystal was used in the hilt to create a volatile and powerful blade, while a synthetic red gem was used to give the blade its crimson coloration and to store additional energy. The end result was a Sith Lightsaber with a shortened blade that could operate in basically any terrain. He kept the lightsaber on hid belt, concealed beneath his black Sith robe. Often when he had need of it he would draw it from his belt using the Force as opposed to manually removing it.