Dragonfire-class Artillery
Production information

Light Artillery


200,000 credits

Technical specifications

10.0 meters


10.0 meters


6 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

60 km/h

Power plant

AV-61 Antimatter Reactor


Durasteel/Titanium Alloy

  • 240mm Heavy Railgun (1)
  • Driver
  • Primary Gunner
  • Commander
  • Droid Brain
Minimum crew


  • Long Range Heavy Artillery

The Dragonfire is an advanced heavy artillery unit constructed by Ommerike Arms. It has only recently been designed and tested, but it has been found to be quite effective in taking out enemy vehicles.


Capable of firing one round every 8.56 seconds (on average), each cannon holds 40 rounds ready to be fired, and an additional 80 in the tank itself. The additional rounds, however, need to be attached to the gun once the original rounds run out, meaning that the crew of the artillery unit needs to get out and do it manually, taking quite a bit of time.

The main cannon is capable of firing a projectile at speeds of up to 100 km/s, allowing it to easily pierce the armor of many vehicles. However, the typical velocity used is closer to 10 km/s so that the high velocity doesn’t damage friendly units, or make it in to orbit. At full power the vehicle can only fire twice per minute as well, while at 10 km/s it can fire much closer to the maximum and still have plenty of power. The extreme recoil is the reason for the large base of the artillery unit, as well as the need for large gravity pads on the bottom that increase the effect of gravity on the bottom of the ship, similar to the artificial gravity on a starship. However, these vehicles require quite a bit of maintenance to keep in working order.


Currently a model using a powerful Turbolaser instead of the main rail gun is in the works. However, issues with matching the power of the rail gun have come in to play, meaning that development has stalled.