Dorian Gray
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Arkanian offshoot




2 meters


250 pounds

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The Trust Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals and Medicinals (The Trust)

Dorian Gray; Visionary of peace and prosperity. He envisioned a day when all war would stop, where all beings would be taken care of with miracle technologies and advancements. He envisioned a galaxy without pain and suffering. This vision is what prompted him to begin his war on violence. Gathering to him dozens of surgeons and medical staff, Dorian Gray personally funded and headed The Trust Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals and Medicinals, better known simply as "The Trust". The Trust, Dorian envisioned, would be the galaxies answer to all violence and warfare. Answering bullets with scalpels, curses with kind words, and wounds with surgery. Thus so, in Dorians mind, he would repair the galaxy, and offer premium health care to every individual in the galaxy. This was not to be so however. Due to problems with the Galactics economic board, the Trust, while built and ready to begin business, never officially opened. And after a month and a half long debate, Dorian was defeated by the Galactic Economic Council. The issue was his claim on so many medical businesses, which was claimed by the council as a "monopolization" while indeed this may have been true, and was even accepted by Dorian, in which he cut his businesses to a more reasonable amount. By then, the damage was done, and his surgeons, in view of seeing the trust seemingly weaker than it had been, abandoned the project. And Dorian, left to clean up the mess, simply denied it, and retired. Traveling to New Holstice to live the life of a normal raise a family, and live out the remainder of his days. Maximillion Stark, Dorian's brother however, had different ideas. Taking control of the company, he picked up where Dorian left off.