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Domain Yin was one of the less established domains of the Intendant caste during the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. During the war between the Vong and the Republic, the domain suffered the highest recorded number of casualties of any domain in the entire Empire. Only a few notable members survived, returning to the newly founded seed world of Tur Yenagh after the war ended. Those that survived held the Supreme Overlord responsible for the destruction of their domain, believing that it was his incompetence that had led to their near eradication. A pact was sworn by the remaining members to see that anyone who claimed the throne would meet his demise upon the bone blades of their coufees.

The domain was known for breeding ruthless and cunning Intendants with martial skill the match of any warrior caste member. Notable members of the domain are:

  • Kar Yin
  • Kronn Yin

Though the domain trained its Intendants to use a variety of different battle accessories, the preferred weapon of its followers was the coufee blade. All members carried at least one such blade on them at all times. The scouts and assassins of the domain garbed themselves in dark cloakers beneath light robeskin cloaks, as opposed to crab armour, which they found to be too cumbersome for their trade.