Dimple Pjenaqott
Atheiirn (destroyed)
Chronologically: unknown, Biologically: 17
Eterno a.k.a Ageless (Near-Human)
Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Glowing turquoise

Skin Color: Light Brown
The Ageless Jedi Order
Current Occupation
"And the Shadow of the Ageless will be slain when she who has no courage plunges her blade into the heart of fear itself. And the Lord of the Ageless will set free they who lived eternal..."
The Prophetess: Twillight of the Ageless.

Dimple is a Eterno from the planet Atheiirn who mysteriously appeared on the world of Jabiim, with no memories of herself or much of anything save for her tattered clothing, cloak and a lightsaber. She's a soft-spoken, timid, and frightened little mouse of a girl who holds an important role to play in the prophecies concerning the end of the Ageless. Like all of her kind, she has glowing eyes of a unique, inhuman color. Due to the holes in her memories, she has no recollection of her past or how old she is, or herself for that matter. She has since restarted her life anew, after awakening on Jabiim, alone and cold.

She has demonstrated extreme cowardice since her arrival, and a terrible insecurity complex. Which caused her to require constant care and attention lest she lose confidence in herself or the people who look after her.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

"Who are you?"
"I don't know."
"Do you want to know?"
Lord Ten'ang and Dimple.

Little is known of Dimple's early life, save for what can be told by her Mysterious Sister, whose identity or face is never revealed throughout the story of Dimple's life and adventures. She was born a true Ageless, with a weak heart and a sense of extreme fear of everything. This caused her to become a withdrawn and timid person, easily frightened by anything and extremely paranoid. Often thinking that no one cares about her or want her dead. She always thinks the worst of every situation and often suffers heart failure. So far her sister and brother have protected her and nurtured her as best as they could.

It is suspected she wasn't always like this but rather began to slowly sink into this state as time passed, as she has considerable skill with the lightsaber and has on occasion whipped out the weapon in self defense or fright. She's also demonstrated a fair amount of prowess in the Force, suggesting like all other Ageless, she's extremely strong in the Force and very deeply connected to the Living Force. Lately though, she has shown little to no skills in the Force or the saber. Having become so frightened by the sight of weapons, her primary response is to flee first. Pointing a gun at her is a sure-fire way to give her a heart attack.

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