"The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way, including their quest for greater power. The only difference between the two is that the Sith are not afraid of the dark side of the Force. That is why they are more powerful."
Darth Diaeta
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dark brown

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  • Night Jedi
  • Endor Sith
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  • unknown
Known apprentices
  • (1) unknown
  • Incursionus

Diaeta was a Sith / Night Jedi in the Jedi vs Sith Universe.

Basic InformationEdit


Diaeta has a tall, slender build with extremely pale skin. His eyes vary from a dull yellow to a piercing, glowing yellow and are sometimes bloodshot as well. The reason behind this is unknown, though probably linked to his use of the Dark Side of the Force. He is most always cloaked in traditional Sith Lord robes.

Lightsaber Info Edit

Twin(mirror image), laser-precision balanced hilts designed in a Sith laboratory on Korriban. Both are powered by synthetic crystals which are also cut to be laser-precise to balance the weight and blade length. Both emit a red glow. Also in his possession are a total of about twelve hilts, some more functional than others. Among these are his former master's saber, several gift sabers and a custom Night Sythe created at the Night Jedi Citadel. Only his twin sabers are carried on his person.

Saber Combat Edit

As blademaster of the Knight Jedi, it is only fitting that Diaeta have a knowledge of all forms. His primary forms are Soresu (form III), Djem So (form V), Niman (form VI), Jar'kai, and an unorthodox form of his developing called Double Djem So, incorporating both Jar'kai and Djem So.

Other Weapons Edit


Known Abilities Edit

Diaeta has at least a basic understanding of all neutral/core powers and Night Jedi exclusive abilities including force speed, force cloak, force concealment/stealth, force sense, force jump, force push/pull, and telapathy. His known Dark Side powers are force lightning and force choke. He once used an unorthodox healing method that drew from the Dark Side of the Force to heal Darth Incursionus. Whether that was an isolated event or not has not been verified. He also has a great deal of training in battle meditation. Although he has a great understanding of the Force, he primarily depends upon his sabers, using the Force passively to hone his strikes, slow his opponent, or otherwise belittle them with a well-placed Dun Moch.


Pre-Universe HistoryEdit

In-Universe HistoryEdit

Diaeta joined the Endor Night Jedi Citadel (Night Jedi) early on, as the Citadel's Blademaster. Having come from a Sith background, he would teach the more aggressive [forms], and utilized [Sith Training Sabers] as his prime teaching method.

Sith DefectionEdit

In 37 ABY, when Darth Incursionus came to Endor, Diaeta helped to capture him. However, in the days that followed, Diaeta furthered his taste in the Sith, and broke Incursionus out, flying out into the deep forest with him, to continue training Incursionus. They formed the Endor Sith, and began to construct a Sith Citadel, but the Night Jedi were aware of their actions, and sent out an attack. In the battle that followed, Diaeta was captured by Pryce Fisto, and the Endor Sith were destroyed.