Product InformationEdit

Manufacturer: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec

Production Rights: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec, Salnor

Functionality: Elite level Battle droid

Cost: 75,000

The Droideka Mark II was the best, most feared of its day. But the day has changed. Intro the Destroyer-Spider. The most obvious difference is eight legs. This gives it an increased walking speed, as well as greater stability on rough ground, ramps, and allows it to better keep itself upright. It has upgraded power cells, not only giving stronger shields, but the ability to keep them up while walking (still down in wheel mode). Each blaster rifle "finger" can aim independantly, allowing it to take on multiple targets simultaneously. Upgraded intelligence and internal commlink make them better able to better work together as a military unit. Throndec Industries patented Ion Resistant foam standard.