Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Type: Battleship [Medium]
  • Cost: 175,000,000 credits
  • Length: 975m
  • Width: 220m, 380m including boarding arms.
  • Height: 180m including communication towers.
  • Hull: 5cm Titanium plated Heavy Durasteel
  • Armament:
    • 3 Quad Heavy Turbolaser turrets
    • 8 Long range Heavy Ion cannon turrets
    • 32 Medium Turbolaser turrets [arc: 16 port, 16 starboard]
    • 18 Ion cannons [arc: 9 port, 9 starboard]
    • 6 Flak cannons [mounted 3 port and 3 starboard of the bridge]
    • 30 point defence laser cannons [arc: 5 forward, 10 port, 10 starboard, 5 aft]
    • 15 tractor beam projectors [arc: 5 port, 5 starboard, 5 forward]
    • 2 boarding arms (includes 10 grappling cannons and laser cutters) [1 port, 1 starboard]
  • 45m long armoured prow
  • Speed: 75 MGLT (800 kph)
  • Shields: 2800 SBD
  • Countermeasures:
    • ECM
    • Chaff
    • Flares
    • Communication Jammers
    • Hyperwave Jammer
  • Hyperdrive: Class 1
  • Backup: Class 8


The Despoiler-class Heavy Enforcer is designed as a planetary control ship. It is superbly equipped to deal with smugglers and pirates alike. Its Ion cannon banks are designed to disable ships trying to escape and then the Tractor beams will guide the vessel to one of the boarding arms. Then the marines will board the craft and conduct an inspection or pacify the crew and strip the vessel. In this capacity it backs up the blockading fleet of the CIC preventing unwanted supplies by-passing the larger ships. The Turbolasers and laser cannons are used to defend the Despoiler against capital ships until they have been disabled sufficiently to board. The boarding arms are equipped with laser drills to allow the marines entrance to any vessel from any point. When grouped these vessels can easily disable and board a heavy or medium class ship. When boarding the ships turrets turn outward to defend itself in its vulnerable position. The boarding arms are detachable, for emergencies, preserving the ships atmosphere. The armoured prow is as much a symbol of fear as it is a deadly last resort weapon. The front 45 metres of the vessel are pure Durasteel with thicker Titanium plating. When ramming at full speed, this ship will penetrate all but the thickest hull. The ship has no hangers whatsoever, access is via the boarding arms only.

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