The Delphi were a solely aquatic race endemic to the planet Thallassa. The Delphi were a sentient species and were more numerous than the Thallassans, but they coexisted with one another for the most part.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

The Delphi possessed a pair of short arms ending in long fingers, a thick webbing grew between the fingers and the joints moved very stiffly. They also had a pair of legs that were long and bony. A long powerful tail extended beyond the legs and provided for most of the swimming power. A short dorsal hump could be found on most Delphi around the small of the back. The eyes were set at the side of the head and the nostrils were set into the back of the neck. Their vertebrae were fused around the neck area, so the mobility of the head was very minimal. The possessed an extra organ in their head that was very sensitive to sound and allowed for echolocation. The muscles in the eyes allowed for focus both in and out of the water.


The Delphi were almost solely restricted to life in the water. Though they possessed legs they were very weak and could not support their heavy bodies well on land. The long webbing between their toes also proved very difficult for walking.

Unlike their Thallassan neighbors, the Delphi showed little talent with the Force and in their mythology they saw the Thallassans as gods. This idea was enforced somewhat, because early Thallassans would prey upon the Delphi.

The Delphi were more primitive than the Thallassans in their technology and they never experienced space travel. They did however build rather impressive underwater cities.

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