The Death Fleet of the Eye was the name for Commodore Starkiller's personal forces. During his initial years of service in the Council of the Eye, Starkiller was stationed aboard the Death Star and given command of a starfighter wing that came to be known as the Death Squadron of the Eye. It was from this starfighter unit that the Death Fleet formed, eventually adding various capital ships and becoming a force of its own. Depending on the needs of the COE and where Starkiller was stationed at the time, the fleet has seen the addition and subtraction of many different ships. It was not until a botched assassination attempt on the Commodore's life that the fleet assumed its final and most fitting form.

The Fleet consisted of the following:

Capital Ships: Death Fleet

  • Lucrehulk-class Battleship "Eye Infection"
  • Providence-class Destroyer "Eye Sore"
  • Recusant-class Light Destroyer "Black Eye"
  • Munificent-class Star Frigate " Blessed Eye"
  • Sabaoth Frigate "Reverence"

Starfighter Squadrons: Death Wing

  • 12 TIE Avengers "Death Squadron"
  • 12 Shadow Droids "Shadow Squadron"
  • 12 Droid Tri-Fighters "Blue Squadron"
  • 12 Droid Tri-Fighters "Green Squadron"
  • 12 Vulture Droid Starfighters "Black Squadron"
  • 12 Vulture Droid Starfighters "Red Squadron"

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name Death Fleet may be easily confused as the fleet belonging to the NOE's Dark Lord of Death (Mortale), when it in fact belongs to Commodore Starkiller. Mortale's fleet is actually called the Flotilla "Demonic". Also, I am aware of just how tacky the names of each ship in the Death Fleet is. That is intentional given that Commodore Starkiller is a dogmatic entity driven by his devotion to what he perceives as the NOE's deity, and also to show his lack of creativity as an artificially created entity. All of the above was transferred over to 1.5 from 1.0 in September 2008.

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