Corran horn
Davus Johnson
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32 Standard years ago

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150 lbs.

Hair color

Dark Brown

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Dark Brown

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The Jedi Order

Early LifeEdit

Davus was born on Corellia to a father who was a Corellian Jedi and a CorSec special forces operative. His mother was sent to kill Davus's father before he was born as to hunt down Jedi. However, upon her meeting his father, they fell in love. They ran away together, creating a new life under false names and information supplied by Davus's mom. However, soon a bounty hunter tracked them down and killed them both. Davus had been hidden by his fathers force powers, concealing him until the bounty hunter had left. With his fathers dieing breath, Davus remained protected.

As Davus grew older he joined the CorSec and performed with flying colors. Thanks to an extra sense, he was able to sense danger and other mischief. Davus soon found out he was force sensitive when a traveling merchant revealed to him that he was a knight of the Jedi order. He trained him and taught him the ways of the force. Soon Davus learned of his family's past and soon went on a quest to retrieve his fathers lightsaber. Davus met up with the bounty hunter and killed him, taking the lightsaber from his corpse and moving on.

As he returned to CorSec he was charged with murder and misconduct. Davus fled Corellia, leaving friends and his adopted family behind. Davus would travel the galaxy for a while and then come across Alderaan.

After fleeing Corellia, Davus landed on Alderaan. There he furthered his training by becoming a padawan under Chanceros Dorath and Owen Kenobi. It is here that Davus matured and became strong in the force. It is also thanks to Dorath that Davus learned and mastered Form VII and ultimately led to him becoming a Grey Jedi. Soon afterward, he traveled to Kashyyyk and participated in a large battle. Here he confronted a Sith Lord and fought, but would later have to pull back.

Davus would also confront several other Sith on Alderaan but most of the battles would be considered draws, ending in one or both combatants becoming knocked out or unable to fight but able to flee.

Davus would join several other Jedi, mercenaries, troops and Jedi on the planet Ubel to confront a large Sith order. However, Davus would leave them since he needed to sort his own feelings and thoughts out. Davus would go into exile for some time, cutting himself off from the galaxy and roaming the deep cold reaches of space.

New TimesEdit

Davus would return from his self imposed exile a stronger and wiser man.