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The "Lord of Shadows", Darth Osus.

Darth Osus is a pragmatic, secretive, and controversial Dark Lord of the Sith. Unlike many of his "colleagues" and rivals within his Order, he seeks power in secret, amassing wealth, resources, and loyalty from various factions and people so as to hit hard when he surfaces into public life. Within his Order, he has achieved much notoriety for his expansive spy and assassin network and has, thus, been dubbed the "Lord of Shadows" for his work is mostly done in secret.

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The curved Lightsaber of Darth Osus; Jen.

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The horn-hilt Lightsaber of Darth Osus; Siqsa

  • Original Apprentice Saber - As an apprentice to Darth Ferren, Osus used a single, standard Lightsaber with a black, shining hilt and a red blade. This was kept as a memento of his earlier days and is locked away on his ship.
  • Jen - A curved Lightsaber, Jen is what Osus calls his first Lightsaber as a Sith Lord. Jen is Ancient Sith for "Shadow", as a reference to Osus' preference of fighting in the shadows and his philosophy of secrecy. He noted at how odd it felt to use at first but, over the years, it has grown accustomed to him to feel it in his right palm.
  • Siqsa - Sith for "Demon", Siqsa is an Ancient Lightsaber once belonging to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Praetorius, during Marka Ragnos' time. It happened upon Osus during his excavation of Praetorius' tomb on Korriban when he was nearly impaled by it's spiked-end. Ever since, he's called the weapon "Demon" in Sith to denote how it nearly was the end of him. He notes how deadly the spiked "horn" at the end of the handle is and, even after a year of using it, has not discovered what material it is made from. Regardless, he was amazed that, despite its age, it is still in working condition and uses it alongside Jen in battle, still training to this day on the art of dual-Saber combat.

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