Darth Diemos

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Species: Zabrak

Homeworld: Iridonia

Occupation: Sith Warlord

Faction Affiliation: Death Dealers


Red Eyes

Black Skin

Red facial tattoos

12 Vestigial horns space evenly around skull, painted red

Dark Jedi Master Robe

-Double Bladed Lightsaber-

Color Crystal: Blood Red

Crystal One: Barab Ore Ingot

Crystal Two: Qixoni Crystal

Power Cell: Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell

Lens: Ossus Dueling Lens

Emitter: Expert Deflection Emitter

Force Powers:

Force Insanity

Dominate Mind

Battle Meditation

Force Deflection

Force Lightning

Breath Control


Force Push

Force Pull

Force Plague

Form III: Soresu: Way of the Mynock : Mastered

(1) Empire class Star Destroyer

(6) Cronos class Battlecruisers

(9) Carrack-class Light Cruisers

(36) TIE/In Interceptors

All equipped with Stealth Armor. TIE's equipped with Shields. Carracks have better Engines.

(150) Flayer class Juggernauts

(100) XR-85 Tank Droids

(50) MAS-2xB Self-Propelled Turbolasers

(10,000) Elite Zabrak Clone Troops

(40,000) Zabrak Clone Troops

(10,000) YVH S-series Battle Droids

Standard Gear: Vibroswords, Thermal Detenators, E-15 Blaster Rifles with Grenade Launchers, Frag Grenades, Arm Spikes.

Armor: Sith Battle Armor for Elites, Stormtrooper Armor for Troops (Minus Helmets)

Admiral Sazen: Tan Skin, Red Tatoos, Commander of Phobos Squadron: Proficent in Battle Meditation

General Kolar: Red Skin, Black Tatoos, Commander of Castor Division: Profecient in Force Deflection

Colonel Wolf: Black Skin, Blue Tatoos, Commander of Pollux Division: Profecient in Force Insanity

Pollux Division: 12,944 Warriors

Castor Division: 47,056 Warriors

Phobos Squadron: 16 Capital Ships, 36 Fighters

Fire Team: 6 Warriors under a Sergeant

Squad: 36 Warriors under a Lieutenant

Company: 216 Warriors under a Captain

Regiment: 1,296 Warriors under a Commander

Battalion: 7,776 Warriors under a Colonel

Division: 47,056 Warriors under a General

Known Masters: Darth Thanatos

Known Apprentices: Colonel Wolf

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