In the long forgotten past, the planet Rodia contained a meeting place for many who followed the dark side of the force. During this time, a temple was built in the jungles of the primary continent. When these sith were defeated by the jedi, records of the existence of this temple were housed in the Jedi Library and in a few other prominent libraries in the galaxy, but its existence was forgotten by most. A lone Neti found out about its existence and made his residence within, hoping to find one who he could "give his power" to. In all actuality, the Neti desired to transfer his spirit into another body and destroy the original inhabitant.

During his jedi training, Oraltor Nadon found reference to this temple within the Jedi Library and took it upon himself to destroy it. Over the next fifty years, he gathered as much information he could find about it so that no one would know about its existence. When he came to Rodia, Oraltor and the Free Jedi Order destroyed the Neti. Later, Oraltor helped to destroy the temple using the volcanic activity in the area.