The title, Dark Lord of the Sith, is the highest rank a Sith can achieve.

In traditional Star Wars canon, there is only one Dark Lord at a time. Darth Bane's Rule of Two is eschewed, however, in the Jedi vs Sith Universe, as it is viewed as impractical and impossible, especially given the title of the application.

Dark Lords of the Sith supposedly have greater scope of powers and higher levels of mastery thereof than any of the subordinate ranks, but this is often a very subtle (and sometimes nonexistent) advantage in battle. Additionally, Dark Lords will train lesser Sith and are often the main members behind factions, in order to gain more power for themselves.

Notable Dark Lords of the Sith Edit

The Phalanx of Shadow State Warriors is a unique faction, which limits its membership exclusively to those of Dark Lord of the Sith rank.