The Dark Jedi Order was a faction in Jedi vs. Sith. It was created by Seraph, who later mysteriously disappeared. Some of best known Dark Jedi and leaders of the order are Seraph, William Reign, C'thulu, Lahash de Fortia and Jen'jidai Eversio. The order has supported the Warriors of the Iron Fists's ambitions in the past, but after the fall of the True Sith Empire have largely operated independently from any other faction, although it has made various alliances to further their goals. 


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The Dark Jedi had a military branch known as the Shadow Legions.


Universe V1.0

The Dark Jedi Order was founded and led initially by Seraph before he disappeared. 

Universe 1.5

The Dark Jedi Order underwent a partial reconstruction. Jen'jidai Eversio formed the Black Guard and based it at Villa Obscura on Muunilinst. The faction was used as a catalyst to rebirth The Dark Jedi Order. Soon after being established on Muunilinst, The Dark Jedi Order became active again and the Black Guard was abolished. 

Iron Fists War

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