The Dark Jedi Order were a faction within Universe V1.0. They also styled themselves as the Order of the Culling Moon, echoing the Night Jedi Order of the Culling Sun.


Dark Jedi Code

Only the Now is relevant . The Now gives me Focus, letting the present fill my thoughts.

The Focus gives me Vision, and I see the paths to the future's end.

The Vision gives me Patience, for vexation with the foreseen will ruin all purpose.

The Patience gives me Control, that I may know when the time to act has come.

Control gives me Power, and all will flee before the Fury of the Abyss, the Strength of the Night, The Glory of the Final Order.

The Time for the Culling Moon is Now


  • 0-99 Dark Initiate (force training, history & minor Force training)
  • 100-499 Dark Apprentice (continue Initiate training, gain use of practice Lightsaber)
  • 500-2999 Dark Journeyman(continue apprentice training, construction of own lightsaber, advanced forms)
  • 3000-9998* Dark Lord (apply to be instructor or councilor at academy as well as take an apprentice)
  • 9999+ Dark Patriarch (May construct a new Citadel with the approval of the Council)
  • Dark Jedi Master (With the permission of Lord War)


Universe V1.0

Night Jedi

The Dark Jedi leadership formed a relationship with the Night Jedi Order, and it was decided that the Orders should merge. The factions were merged under the Dark Jedi name, and Night Jedi facilities opened up to Dark Jedi members.

The Night Jedi heard nothing more from the Dark Jedi, excepting a few weeks later, when a rumour that the Dark Jedi had disbanded got through. Some Night Jedi facilities then reformed under the Night Jedi name again.

Universe 1.5

The Dark Jedi Order underwent a partial reconstruction, forming the Black Guard, who based themselves at the Villa Obscura on Muunilinst.

Iron Fists War

A war was planned, against the Warriors of the Iron Fists. Kyle Tinto, a member of the Order was willed by the Force to contact his old Night Jedi friend Jobie Wan Kenobi, who went to Muunilinst, bringing a portion of the old Night Jedi Fleet.

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