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Ro'ik chuun m'arh, "Dark Corsair".

The Dark Corsair was a Ro'ik chuun m'arh frigate bred and used by the Praetorite Vong post the Yuuzhan Vong War. It was originally designed to replace the organization's aging I'Friil Ma-Nat, going so far as to grow off the nutrients provided by the decommissioned organic vessel. Unlike its predecessor, Yin's Fury, the Corsair possessed a series of appendages and orifices to hold a number of yorik-et and other various support craft. Often the vessel was deployed within the Unknown Regions, though it was also capable of operating deep within the heart of Infidel space.

Its outer hull was formed from the same glossy black excretion armour as a Miid ro'ik, joined by ablative armour that would heal over time. Severally spiky protrusions of bone extended out from its bow, capable of penetrating the hull of enemy ships. A number of tentacles were present between the hull sections, often used to clamp onto hostile vessels or space debris from which the Corsair fed. The hull widened along the length of the ship, making the stern end of the ship the furthest section across. This was done so that the Yaret-Kor and Rock spitters could all be angled forwards, allowing the ship to focus all of its firepower directly ahead of it. In doing so it could inflict heavy damage on vessels much larger than itself. Unfortunately this left the rear portion of the ship largely weapon-less, save for its dovin basals which were used for both propulsion and defence.

A crew of two-hundred and twenty-five Yuuzhan Vong manned the frigate, while a complete three Scourges were stationed aboard, used for both guard duty and fully capable of being deployed wherever they were needed. There was additional space for three hundred passengers, though this was divided into two halves. The first was converted into cell compartments in which the Praetorite kept the slaves they acquired on routine raids, while the second was used to house a Yammosk. The war coordinator was used for both controlling the Corsair's complement of yorik-et and managing the Yuuzhan Vong commandos out in the field. A number of keepers were tasked to the creature's well being, while a dozen warriors were stationed within its chamber to provide security.


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