Dark Angel Class Starfighter
Production information

Halocroft Industries

Product line

Angel Series


Dark Angel Fighter





Technical specifications

18.5 meters


7 meters/30 meters


2.6 meters


8 MGLT per/sec



Engine unit(s)

E-16x ion engine

Hyperdrive rating


Hyperdrive system

SFS ND9 hyperdrive motivator

Power plant

SFS I-s3a solar ionization reactor


Adashield deflector shields (100 SBD)


Durasteel and Cortosis

Sensor systems

Mx-7 Sensor

Targeting systems

Shadow spotter targetting system

Navigation system

SFS N-s6 Navcon


SFS F-s5x flight avionics system

  • Stygium Cloaking Device
  • Sensor Negators
  • Flare dispersers
  • 8 Maneuvering jets
    • 1 under each forward wing
    • 1 under each rear wing
  • Concealable attack foils
  • Internal electric grid to regulate internal systems
  • [4] Laser Cannons
    • flanking the cockpit
  • [1]triple barrel .50 cal guass machine gun
    • underside flanking the GPWL-concealable
  • [1]gattling missile launcher
    • carries 2 cartridges
    • [9 missiles per cartridge]
  • [1] General purpose warhead launcher
    • Proton torpedo (2) [average pay load]

Pilot (1)

Other systems
  • Space superiority fighter
  • Assault fighter

Dark Angel Class fighter[edit | edit source]

The Dark Angel class Star fighter is a deadly creation, designed by Lord Nexus according to his personal preferences in star fighter combat. Though the ship is a force to be reckoned with in open space, it is truly at its best in atmospheric combat, where it can deploy its unique attack foils, which slows it down, but increases its maneuverability exponentially.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

At first glace, the Dark angel star fighter resembles a dart, with a sharp dagger like front. The cockpit is a smooth blemish against this mischievous appearance. The fighter widens past the cockpit by 2 meters, which house the folded blade like wings of the fighter. Once these wings are deployed, the name is understandable. A set of frontal wings, 3 on each side, resembles that of the mythical creatures, only altered and modernized to have a sharp and metallic appearance, but the general shape of the wing resembles that of a large avian. The ship narrows slightly near the end, then widens as the tail splits in two, in between them is the exhaust port for the powerful Ion engine. The rear tail foils have a simpler appearance, as a conventional quadrilateral wing. All weapons except for the laser cannon were located in concealable compartments of the ship until it needed to be deployed.

Forward Wings[edit | edit source]

The wings of the Dark angel star fighter are what make it a unique fighter, with 6 separate, maneuverable and concealable wings in the front of the ship. Each wing has a heavy magnetic ball joint which can adjust both the vertical angle and the horizontal angle of the wing as a whole as well as the wing alignment with the other wings on its side. Also there is a horizontal axis mid way through the wing that can have the outer half shift on a 270 degree pivot.

Rear Attack Foils[edit | edit source]

The rear attack foils are a far less advanced system, going back to the style of the old X wings and head hunter series, where it splits and forms an X.

Foil Mechanics[edit | edit source]

These modern attack foils are treasured for their versatile aspects, being able to shift to precise angles on both the X and Y axis, being able to shift to precise angles to assist with climbs, descents and mid flight maneuvers. The second pivoting axle bends the outer half of the wing to guide turns both sharp and wide. These systems are fast acting once a pilot has been trained to know how to use the advanced technology. The foils can change in mid flight, though in the atmosphere, the fighter must slow down to decrease chances of damaging the joints and axis. The wings are lighter to be more maneuverable which also makes them more vulnerable to attack, which is why there is a cortosis weave to protect if from laser fire.

Fame and Infamy[edit | edit source]

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