Damon clad in his Warrior Armor

Born on Galantos to a young Corellian woman named Jessica Abelle Oriain and Miner father Thauron Sven Oriain, Damon has never been one to search for an interesting life, yet he seems charmed... for it seems whereever he goes, fun seems to follow. Trained exclusively in antique weaponry, to today's standards, Damon's weaponry consists of a simple Halberd. He has left his home planet, the militia, and his life behind to start over...

Biography[edit | edit source]

Youth - The Prologue (Pre JvS)[edit | edit source]

Damon never had it easy. He lost his mother when he was just 5, and his father rarely showed up at home. Damon was usually left to his own devices, and as such, picked up some bad characteristics. Hanging around the neighbourhoods, he began to interact with many of the gangs and affiliated crews. A charming and charismatic man, the gangs began to rally around him, and around his desire for power. The group had soon formed a Militia in the town, and by his 18th birthday, Damon had already shown prowess for battle, seizing the town for his own.

Though his father was never around, his passing troubled Damon greatly. Damon began to doubt the dangerous life he was living, and knew that if he followed that path, he may die sooner than his father. Realizing this, Damon purchased a Fighter and took off for a local region he had heard about, a place known for their peacefulness and tranquility... Arkania.

Arkania - The First Stop (JvS 1.5)[edit | edit source]

Damon has finally reached his destination... Arkania. Having finally obtained permission to land and settle in, Damon chose the city of Novania. It wasnt before long that Damon began to get a feel for the city. Stay tuned as his story plays out, and watch the Chronicles unfold.

A sketch composite of Damon's supposed face. It is usually hidden by his distinctive armor and helm.

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