This article is about the Blue Wave Daedalus-class. You may be looking for the similarly named Chyornov Combat Systems Daedalion-class cruiser.

Production information

Manufacturer: Blue Wave Industries

Product line: Starships

Model: Daedalus T40 Class

Cost: 30,000,000 Million Credits

Class: Cruiser, Warship,Capital Ship

Technical specifications Length: 630 meters

Maximum acceleration: 2500 G


Engine unit(s): Quantum Ion Drives (2) Gemon-4 Ion Engines (4) Small Ion Drives (4)

Hyperdrive rating: Class.1

Power plant: Generations III Power Plant

Shielding: Modified SEAL regenerative Shielding Generators (1)

Hull:Titanium Reinforced Alusteel Hull design

Armament: Heavy Rail Guns (50) Multi-Purpose Warhead Launcher (20) -Intruder Missiles (4) -Ion Warheads (4)

Complement: 20 Fighters and/or Bombers

Crew: Crew Members (1260) Gunners (120)

Minimum crew: 620

Passengers: 250 Troops

Cargo capacity: 3500 Metric Tons

Consumables: 3 Years

Construction Time: 1 Month and 2 Weeks

Other systems: Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer (HIMS) Class 5 Stealth System

Role(s): Cruiser,Frigate, Support Ship

Era(s):Chaos Era (RP Era)

Characteristics and History

As Blue Wave's part of the new introduction program to replace the old navies of the Republic and the Imperial Remnants, came the newly designed Daedalus-Class Cruiser, a small support ship built to take on old CR20 Cruisers and Mandalorian Dreadnaughts. This small but tough Daedalus-Class has been made to enhance any fleet with its heavy Rail Guns for pounding the enemy into submission, while firing its Intruder Missiles and Ion Pulse Warheads to knock out their shields and fry their electronic systems. The Daedalus class, although small, supports twin hanger bays to quickly launch up to 20 fighters and bombers to fight, 10 in each bay. Enhanced with a Class 5 stealth system and the HIMS system, it can drop in, cloak, and quickly hide and fire at the enemy without them even knowing where it was.

The Daedalus is arguably the most destructive cruiser measured of its size. Its tough alloy and SEAL Generator Shield, the Daedalus was meant to take hits, big ones, capable of outlasting maybe even an MC80B Cruiser in terms of durability and survivability in combat Terms for its size. With Rail Guns surrounding the ship, there is no place any fighter can hide, there are guns below and above the ship, giving the Daedalus a comfortable coverage of weapons and warhead bays.


"We call it the Mini-Me in Blue Wave Shipyards"
--Blue Wave Shipwright Aron Bigsby

Although its firepower, tough design and systems give it great powerful advantages over the old ship designs, the Daedalus wasn't meant to take on massive warships like Star Dreadnaughts in direct combat. The burden can be lessened with the activation of the Stealth system on board. Still, the Daedalus would give any owner the advantages of a tough little ship, giving a welcome measure of bonuses of any fleet its in.

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