Designation: "DEWR 1"Edit

DEW Rifle

the DEWR1

The DEW Rifle is the best non-lethal weapon system in existence, it provides all the discomfort that any peace-keeping force could wish for with nearly no reported fatalities. The DEWR 1 takes the DEW Rifle and crosses the threshold into a lethal weapon. Utilizing several crystals to add power to the beam such as Dragite, Luxum and Adegan crystals. With the energy beam passed through these crystals the beam's power was amplified to lethal amounts, so instead of just superheating any moisture (i.e. sweat or water) on a target's body the DEWR 1 actually superheats the skin (or armor) of the target itself and after a prolonged exposure can "burn" its way completely through a target. Initial test results show a 3 second burst will burn its way through an unarmored target. A 6 second burst will burn its way through most armored targets. A minimum of 10 DEWR 1 units firing on a single area of any vehicle-grade armor will need a 30 second burst before it would begin to burn a hole in the armor

Product InformationEdit


  • Personal


  • Ranged [directed energy]


14,995 credits

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