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This article is about the Cyertsye Tyemnovo Sveta, a weapon. You may be looking for the synthetic Darklight or Tyemnovo Sveta gemstone.
Cyertsye Tyemnovo Sveta
Production information

Gaian Infinite




Aron Kellemann

Physical and technical specifications

120 cm


11 cm


unknown lettering

Usage and history

Melee combat


JvS (Chaos Era)

The Cyertsye Tyemnovo Sveta, or "Heart of Dark Light," was a massive longsword wielded by Jedi Master Aron Kellemann. It was resistant to lightsabers solely by virtue of its density and could be wielded only through a variation of Force Weapon, allowing the user to establish a grip on the weapon with the Force as well as a physical grip. Due to its mass, however, it was better suited to melee battles than duels.

The Force Weapon variant that made the sword wieldable esentially extended a part of Kellemann's Force presence into the weapon as permanent part of it. As a result, only he could wield it with any effectiveness. He carried it slung across his back, from the right side down to the left; the hilt could be grasped easily by reaching up over his shoulder.

The Cyertsye Tyemnovo Sveta was approximately 1.2 meters long, and the width of a hand. The blade was a pure black, while the hilt, originally the same color as the blade, was plated with a midnight blue metal. Set into the hilt were six row of stones the same color as the hilt, but faceted internally to give them an inner fire. These were known as Darklights, and were what gave the sword its name.