Product InformationEdit

Manufacturer: Bothawui Shipyards (Koth Kre'tu Designed)

Production Rights: Hallis Shipyards, Bothawui Shipyards

Type: Battlecruiser (Medium Class)

Cost: 80,000,000 Credits

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Length: 900 Meters

Width: 300 Meters

Height: 185 Meters

Hull: Durasteel (Battlecruiser)


Speed: 1,000 kph, 70 MGLT

Description: Shields: heavy

Hyperdrive: 0.8

Backup: 4.0


Troops: 1,875

Cargo Capacity: 10,000 Metric Tons

Supplies: 3 Years


  • (24) Starfighters
  • (6) Blastboats
  • (6) Shuttles

Link to Patent: [1]



The Crossbone-class was designed (date) by Koth Kre'tu.

Later UseEdit

One Crossbone-class was half constructed, but later cancelled, by the Zion Inc shipyards on Mustafar. When Isus' team visited the shipyards, they found them abandoned by the command staff, and the half-finished ship just sitting in the yards. A Night Jedi work-crew was called in to take advantage of the situation, and they stole the vessel and cobbled together the rest of it. That ship became known as the Crossbone.

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