Crossbone was a Night Jedi Crossbone-class Battlecruiser, acquired from the abandoned Zion Inc shipyards in late 58 ABY


As it was constructed by Night Jedi engineers working with what remained of Zion Inc employees, it was not built completely to the Crossbone-class design specifications. The basic hull design was from the Crossbone-class, as was the majority of weapons systems, but many of the other fittings differed.


Initial ConstructionEdit

Crossbone was started when the Zion Inc shipyards were reactivated by Ishmael. However, after the base hull and weapons had been fitted, the project was cancelled, and the half-finished ship was mothballed.

Night Jedi completionEdit

When Isus's team, aboard the Intrepid, visited the Zion Inc shipyards to negotiate the purchase of replacement vessels after the Battle of Manaan, they found the offices abandoned. A skeleton crew had remained aboard, but none of the command staff were aboard. Isus and Conan Starrunner hacked into the command systems, and explored the facility, seeing the shipyards as an opportunity. They called in the Nightscythe for repairs, along with a crew to complete the mothballed vessel and steal it. After a short time, work was completed on the two vessels, albeit to non-standard specifications, and they jumped to hyperspace.

Night Jedi ServiceEdit

Under the Night Jedi, the vessel became known as 'Crossbone', and served as a battleship within the Night Jedi fleet, serving under Isus and Patriarch Jobie Wan Kenobi. Her first mission was to the Kamino system, for peacekeeping duties relating to a trade dispute there.

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