Corwen Dymek was a member of the Dymek family that owned the Dymek arms company. In 58ABY, Corwen was the only surviving member of the family, after an attack on his (unknown) homeworld by a Sith army. He fled aboard a YZ-775 freighter, Dymek One, taking as much of the business materials as he could, including the blueprints for all Dymek products, and a fair sum of credits.

He fled to the Forest Moon of Endor, thinking it would be a quiet place to hide from any pursuers, but he was immediately detected by the Night Jedi's 'Hub' Battlestation. He landed on the moon to discuss with the Night Jedi an agreement to keep him hidden and safe. After a tour of the Citadel, he was confident it was safe, and made it his home for a while.

About a week later, he decided to set up his business on Endor, and found a suitable piece of land near Quork City, on the land previously used by Gresturr's factory. He spoke to the Night Jedi Patriarchs, and negotiated a deal with the Night Jedi to run the Dymek company from the Forest Moon of Endor. After the initial deal, he took his plans for his factory to the Night Jedi engineers at the Endor Research Outpost, for them to build. They also negotiated a deal for Dymek's factory to build some prototype vessels for them, in exchange for the plans to build and sell some products in the Night Jedi Databanks.

He waited for a while at the Night Jedi Citadel while his factory was being constructed, and during this time, came to quite like the place, and set up his home and an office there.