Pearl by Danath

Kaiden's Jedi Lightsaber

During the time of Kaiden's redemption from the ways of the Grigori and the Dark Jedi of Kessel, he was brought to Corellia to be trained as a Jedi Knight to bring out his inner darkness and purge him of the evils he had committed as an agent of the darkness. It was here that Kaiden learned of his love of creation, mainly weapons such as Lightsabers and other Force-aligned weapons. Here he created his Corellian Jedi Lightsaber blade, opting for a blue crystal instead of the common Corellian green that was so much more present in the Academy. Using common materials, Kaiden created the blade to be elegant yet simple, working as much as a tool as it could be a weapon. This time, an Eralam crystal was coupled along with a Phond crystal which created the fiercely burning superior blue Lightsaber blade.
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