This article describes the planet Corellia as it appears in Jedi vs. Sith. For the canonical Corellia, please see Corellia on Wookieepedia, here.

Corellia was the capital planet of the Corellian system, which included Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. It was also the birthplace of smuggler and New Republic General Han Solo and Rogue Squadron pilot and New Republic hero Wedge Antilles.

Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia was often called the "Eldest Brother" or the "Eldest." Historians believed the Celestials assembled the system artificially, the worlds brought from other parts of the galaxy for unknown reasons. Some believed that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant.[1]


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Universe 1.5Edit

Located on Corellia is a Jedi Academy run by Dunta Coral, Kel'Al Raganella, and Serrin Roma.

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