Conan Starrunner was a Night Jedi Journeyman, who was friends with Oola Palantea, and often flew as her wingmate.


Night Jedi trainingEdit

Conan joined the Night Jedi as a teenager around 32ABY. He trained under Rahmus Baktran, Pryce Fisto, and Jobie Wan Kenobi. He became friends with the Twi'lek student Oola Palantea. He became an expert fighter pilot during Jobie's classes.

Iron Fists WarEdit

Conan flew an A-Wing during the battle of Manaan, alongside his friend and wingman Oola Palantea. Together, they flew as part of Yellow Group until it was merged into Beta Squadron. He helped to chase down fighters commanded by Ronin, defended the Rescue Group, and then dogfought with the forces of Raven and Jan'shyr Ronin.


After the war, he was a member of Isus' team who took the Intrepid out to organise deals with various shipyards. He provided the opinion of a fighter pilot to the negotiations. When Intrepid found the Mustafar shipyards were virtually abandoned, Conan helped to investigate, and helped out with some of the work. He remain behind at the shipyards for a while, but later returned to Endor on the Reliant.

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