A Night Jedi Citadel was a teaching establishment, and cornerstone of the Night Jedi structure. A Citadel would be established on a planet by a Patriarch, and would serve as a place to house and train Night Jedi students, and also was used as command center for Night Jedi defensive forces.

Known CitadelsEdit


Main Article: Endor Citadel. See also Forest Moon of Endor page.


The Endor Citadel, shortly after construction

The only known surviving citadel, the Endor facility was established by Patriarch Rahmus on the Forest Moon of Endor, on the ruins of the Imperial Shield installation.


Main Article: Hoth Citadel

Managed by High Patriarch Tenlith, the Hoth citadel was constructed near Echo Base, and was the original home of Rahmus Baktran, and was part of a project to terraform the ice planet, until the terraforming machines were destroyed. The citadel was presumed destroyed by invading forces.


Main Article: Kashyyyk Citadel

Led by Patriarch Tantalus Ashla. It later became the True Assassin's base, under the new name of Vala'Qualta. It has since become a ruin.