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Chyornov Combat Systems
Organizational information

Ygorin Chyornov

Led by

Irin Chyornova

  • ComSys One
Primary role(s)
  • Arms manufacturer
  • Innovation and design
Chronological and political information

58 BBY


Osarian Guard


Founded by Ygorin Chyornov in 58 BBY as Chyornov Medical and Design, an innovations firm that designed medical technology and starship systems, CCS was one of the public faces of the Bratstvo Svobodii or "Freedom's Brotherhood", a secret society dedicated to the preservation of freedom--but not necessarily government. The company began putting more and more of its funding and research into military systems around the time of the Stark Hyperspace War, though none of its military research ever became public. Knowledge of it was limited to Brotherhood leaders only.

Among the innovations developed by CCS during this period with the help of Tilani techs were an optical camouflage system that, visually at least, rivaled the best of stealth fields; a truly practical antimatter reactor to power ships; blaster systems that produced less visible bolts; and a hull alloy that in sufficient thickness rivaled Bes’kar in durability. All of these were incorporated into later warships designed by the company; in addition, ways were found to allow a warship to carry multiple times the armament any other warship of equivalent size could carry, but this line of research was lost along with the vast majority of the other military systems.

For the next seventy years the turmoil that surrounded the Clone Wars, Rebellion, and the numerous other conflicts up to and including the Yuuzhan Vong war, the company continued developing military designs. Shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong War the company began supplying a a small mercenary group that became the Osarian Guard, led by Brotherhood scion Aron Kellemann.

Around this time the company also went public, advertising a weaker version of the same ships and weapons they gave to Kellemann’s group. Eventually, they stopped distinguishing between the commercial versions or their designs and the limited versions; about the time the Daedalion-class cruiser was developed, CCS began making the same designs openly available and has since partnered with Blue Wave Industries.

CCS' corporate headquarters are located aboard the orbital station ComSys One above Osarian.


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